Week 1

I weighed myself this morning, I didn’t do it yesterday because I though NYE would skew the results! So after a heavy Christmas of eating and drinking, I am 81.3KG. Goal 1 has to be to get to 77kg, definitely before Frankfurt half marathon at the start of March.

I ran outside in the snow last night, 15.6km nice and slow. I will do the running totals at the end of the week, but 60km+ running, 100km cycling and swimming twice would be a decent start to the year.

Start of project 2015

Well 2015 is upon us, and I want to chronicle my training year leading into my first long distance triathlon in Köln in September. I think it is too far away to really stress about now, so I plan to break this year into parts.

Part 1: Running season – Now to start of May – Run lots and do a few 10ks, half marathons and a marathon. There will be some cycling and swimming in this phase, but it is of secondary importance.

Part 2: Cycling season – Start of May until July – Cycle like I did for Marmotte training. i.e. 300km+ every week, possibly 2 long rides on the weekends and 2-3 50km rides during the week. Running will go down to 50km a week. Swimming will be increased in this phase in Freibäder.

Part 3: Bringing it all together – July to September – Now I can worry about Köln! Run more and cycle less, but keep volumes high. Lots of bricks, some high intensity. Increase swimming if possible.