1. Windräderlauf – My first race win!


I’d seen that the Windräderlauf in Wörrstadt was on this weekend and I thought I would sign up. On Monday I went to the website, but found out that the deadline was already passed, oh well.  Then on Tuesday I saw that Lex Laufexperten posted about the race, asking if anyone fancied it.  I checked again and could sign up. I guess they had changed their minds!

So after a heavier than normal running week (for the last few months anyway – about 70km) I headed to Wörrstadt nice and early on Sunday.  I decided to cycle 6km to the train station, get the train to Wörrstadt, then cycle from the station to the start, that should save my legs a little.  Online it said that there wouldn’t be any toilets at the race, sounds like a nightmare too me! Luckily there were toilets at the start.

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Alagastlauf 2017 – Gau Algesheim 10km


On Friday I didn’t even know that the Alagastlauf was on this weekend. I had planned to swim and bike on Saturday, then run a bit longer on Sunday.  Then on Friday evening we were out at Katha’s until quite late. Katja and I went into town on Saturday to have a coffee and a general potter around, when Jochen asked me on Facebook if I fancied running the Alagastlauf on Sunday.  I hadn’t run it before, so though – why not?

The Alagastlauf is a 10k, but 4 x 2.5km loops. I didn’t know until i arrived that it isn’t very flat, there aren’t hills, but it rolls all the time and has a good bit on cobbles too.

Top 3?

Jochen had run it last year and had run a good 38:45 time for 3rd place.  I had expected that I could run a flat 10k in 37:30, but with the bumps, I thought 38 minutes would be okay. Hopefully that would be good enough for a top 3 place, who knows. Continue reading “Alagastlauf 2017 – Gau Algesheim 10km”

Mainzer Firmenlauf 2017


Last year the firmenlauf was perfectly placed for me, just before the Berlin marathon and I was on good running form. This year I am on good lazy form and got a cold the day before the race. So now that I’ve got my excuses out of the way, I can start with the race report.

It’s always a funny time of year at work when the firmenlauf comes around. People start asking me about my running, and exaggerating my abilities (you’ll win or run 14 minutes!). I tried to play it down this year and was actually a little worried about remaining number one in TRON as some people had asked about my pace, as if they were comparing and fancying their chances!

A bit under the weather

I was at the CIMT annual conference until just before 6pm, so had to hurry up to get to the start. I swam in the lunch break to get the blood flowing, I wasn’t feeling good though, it was just a head cold, but made me less confident..

The TRON team photo

We had the team photo at 18:15 then I decided to walk into the front of the start pen, instead of having to push my way in from behind. That worked out perfectly and I could start in the front row.

Fast start

After starting too fast (2:40/km is ambitious!) I settled in and the leaders weren’t really much faster than me. I felt decent and could pick off a couple of the stupidly fast starters after 2-3km. The course is still the same as last year, i.e. lots and lots of turns, and lots of cobbles. It’s also almost certainly short too, but it’s hard to know just how short it is. I think about 200m short, but it could be as much as 300m.

The rest of the race was pretty uneventful. I had 10:15 on the clock after 3km and 14:00 after 4km so I assumed a 18 minute time. After the last few twists I was out and just around the corner from the finish line with 16:45 on the clock! I thought I could beat my time from last year so kicked a little, and crossed in almost exactly the same time as in 2016 – in 17:08 instead of 17:07.

Camera work! Me from behind

Title defended

I’ll take that though. I thought I’d be a good minute slower, last year I was ready to run a 2:55 marathon, I doubt I could do that right now. I also managed to defend my TRON/Biontech title, which is a nice little bonus.

So that’s that. I might run the Mainufer 10km in the middle of October. I have exactly 0 running PBs in 2017, it’d be nice to change that if possible.

Mainz Half Marathon 2017

I haven’t been in full run training for quite a while now. My last couple of 10k races were also not the best, so I was kind of worried that Mainz Half Marathon wouldn’t go well for me.  Well I say that, but I have lost so much weight that I also kind of expected to run really well!  I had set 1h20 as my goal time, even though that is faster than my recent 10k paces, but for 2.1x the distance!

No team photos

The Mainz Marathon TCEC team photo didn’t happen because no one brought a camera. The senior members all left. Apparently forgetting that we could just use a camera phone.  I got to the toilet and felt ready after 1 quick 5min warm up jog. Continue reading “Mainz Half Marathon 2017”

17. Seppel Kiefer Lauf – 10k

Since my last race I haven’t been running too much. I managed to injure my right calf, meaning I couldn’t run for a week.  I have started running again since then, but not too much and no quality, except one decent 25km run. The Seppel Kiefer Lauf fit well for me as it meant I had an extra week of recovery than if I ran Frankfurt half marathon.

Seppel Kiefer Lauf – a bit scared!

I’ve been a bit worried about my running since Groß-Gerau, because it was such a bad race for me. I feel like I am on a downward trend at the moment, fortunately that only applies to running, not cycling or swimming.  At first I’d considered doing the half marathon at the Seppel Kiefer Lauf, but given my recent lack of running, I felt that the 10k was a better idea.

I got the train to Bad Munster am Stein and planned to cycle home from Bad Kreuznach after the race.  I knew that I have no chance of winning. Christian Bock and Lukas from TCEC were doing the 10k and they are much faster than me.

Blowing a gale

It was windy but quite warm, probably 12 degrees or so. The Seppel Kiefer Lauf 10km is 2 loops, on asphalt and flat, but with lots of turns.  The last race to start was the 10k at 10:25. I had plenty of time to chat to the people I knew there and do a little warm up.

The race started with a weird ever slowing countdown, then we were off. I was in about 15th place but some had taken off at an optimistic pace!  I passed Timo from TCEC after about 700m and he asked if I was making an attack, I said no, I only run one pace!  Soon everything settled down and I was in 8th place and felt ok behind 2 guys running into a strong headwind.  After the turn one of the guys started to pull away, whereas the other fell in behind me.

My Suunto has stopped working in the last few days, so I was wearing Katja’s Garmin 220.  I wasn’t so comfortable as I couldn’t see pace and HR at the same time.  After going too hard in GG, I wanted to keep my HR under check here.  It was all going fine after 5km in about 18:45.

Winning my Age Group

I left the guy behind me and fought back against the wind. Felix, who runs lots of the Wingert’s cup races, was just about 15-30m ahead of me, but I couldn’t catch him!  I saw on the out and back that Lukas was winning the race, so I gave him a cheer as we crossed paths.  The rest was pretty uneventful, I couldn’t catch Felix but no one was coming from behind either so I crossed the line just under 38 minutes in 7th place.

It wasn’t a great race for me, but it didn’t feel nearly as bad as in GG. It turned out that I won my age group which was nice, but as I was cycling home, I couldn’t take any prizes with me, so I didn’t stay for the prize giving.  The ride home was fun, the wind was very helpful and even with slightly tired legs I could cruise the slightly hilly 40km+ at over 32km/h.

So next up race-wise is the Polderlauf. I could do the 15km or the 10km. I think I will do the 15km, but I hope my form returns a little before then!

It is 16 weeks until Roth now, so that takes priority for me. The next post will be my start of Roth training post.

Frühjahrslauf 2017 – What a nightmare – Pain!

Frühjahrslauf 2017

I had been looking forward to the Frühjahrslauf, last year I ran my 10k PB there. It is a fast course, and I fancied that I could go sub37 again, maybe even close to my PB.  My legs were still in pain after last week’s half marathon until about Wednesday, but I was feeling better if not 100% fit and healthy.

Jochen was racing again, so we went together to Groß-Gerau. He was hoping to break 38 minutes for the first time, I wanted to break 37.  I found out that there actually were far more facilities on site that I noticed last year.  Under the mosque there are toilets and a place to get drinks, more than just the 1 portaloo that I found last time!

The race started at 3pm. There were plenty of fast people there, my chances of winning were exactly zero, but I’d decided to wear my lightest shoes, the Brooks T7 racers for the first time in a race anyway.  Might was as well go for a fast time! Off we went, I wasn’t really feeling ‘it’ before the race, but I started and felt ok. I passed the first km sign after 3:35, decent pace but still behind Jochen!

High Heart Rate

I settled in and after 3km saw that my pace had fallen, but my heart rate was 179. I was in trouble, I can’t run a 10k with my heart rate so high. It seems that the whole little group I was with were also struggling, it was pretty much the same group as last week, socks included!

I let the group go, but they didn’t really go anywhere. A few people passed me from behind too, something that rarely happens to me.  After 5k I had 18:42 on the watch, 32 seconds slower than last year and I was in trouble.

The last 5km felt like a death march. I passed Jochen after about 6km, but he re-passed me after about 8km. Everyone ran away from me and even breaking 38 was starting to look unlikely.  needing a 3:45 last 1km to do it, I didn’t manage it. My calves were hurting from about 4km onwards, and my HR was too high and I just literally wasn’t at the races.

Not showing, but feeling the pain

Pain and disappointment

Jochen managed his sub 38, which I was happy to see, but I ran a 38:02.  It was pretty much the worst race I can remember running for a few years now. Soon after the race I started to consider if the half marathon from 6 days prior was to blame. It seems likely that I wasn’t fully recovered, so maybe that’s why I was so off form.

Jochen in picture, my in the background

My calves were agony after the race, I stupidly ran last night too, and my right calf is now officially injured, not just achy.  I will take a few days off running and get on the bike and in the pool.

Up Next

Next up looks like being a half marathon or 10k in Bad Kreuznach on the 19th of March. The TCEC powers that be want us to run there, so I will do, I mean why not?  Until then iron and rest are on the cards until I am fully fit.  I can’t have lost fitness in 1 week, so I should be good after a little recovery time, I hope!


Mörfelden Half Marathon 2017 – 7th Place

Mörfelden – again!

I didn’t race Rodgau, it was too much of a pain to get to, so I have just been training. Oh and being sick! Last week after getting home from swimming I started feeling ill, then vommed my guts out and basically felt like crap until Wednesday.  Mörfelden Half Marathon was in my plan though, I somehow thought it was on Saturday, which was a bit early, but the actual day, of Sunday, was much better.

So I was up at silly o’clock (5:50am) to eat before Jochen picked me up at 8am.  It didn’t take to long to get there, so we were pretty early.  It was -3 degrees when I left the house, it would be another chilly race!

I couldn’t find my heart rate monitor, and I amazingly haven’t run a half marathon since Mainz last May, so I was in a bit of unknown territory with regards to pacing. I wore my Zantes and felt like 1:21:xx would be doable, so about 3:50/km.  Jochen was aiming for a PB, which would be sub 4:00/km and Stephan who was also running, was aiming for a sub 1:30 time.

Run with the group
the start of the half marathon
me on the left, 2nd place is in the red vest. 1st place is no where to be seen!

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Mörfelden Staffelmarathon


A few weeks ago I saw an email from Stephan, from TCEC, asking if anyone fancied running in the Mörfelden Staffelmarathon (relay). I am trying to race myself fit at the moment, so jumped at the chance. I ate too much cake on Saturday, so work up weighing 81kg, but I know that my true weight is 79kg at the moment.

Lex Laufexperten

Lex Laufexperten, a running shop chain, had quite a few teams signed up for the Staffelmarathon.  They were kind enough to cover the entry fees for us too, which was good of them.  I seemed to have been put onto the ‘fast’ team and was given the last leg, which had the bonus of meaning that I didn’t have to be there at 9am, when the race starts, as I wouldn’t run until at least 11am.

I had to get the tram, then 2 trains, then walk to the start in Morfelden. It was no biggie, except that it was absolutely freezing! It was about -10degrees at 9am when I was waiting for 20 minute for the next train at Frankfurt stadium.  I arrived in Morfelden desperate to find a toilet, but couldn’t find one, so I waddled the 15minutes to the start.

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Lindenseelauf 10k 2017 – End of the series

Lindenseelauf – part 3

The last leg of the Lindenseelauf series was at the weekend and it was another chance to test my form.  I haven’t been training so much recently. There was Christmas, the weather has been cold and snowy, and I have moved house.  I am ticking over, but compared to last year, I am way behind.

One positive is my weight. I got down from 81.5kg to 79.3kg in 2 weeks!  I wasn’t even trying too hard, so that was great news.  A 38 minute run felt possible for me in the Lindenseelauf, which I expected should wrap up 3rd place in the series.

I got the train there and arrived 20 minutes before the start. Robert Ploen and Sebi Dahl were both there, so TCEC had a good team again. I did a little bit of a warm up, but it was about 0 degrees, so I wasn’t exactly warm!  Soon enough I was at the start line at 14:30 and ready to go.

The Race

The race started and the usual suspects went up the road, with Sebi just ahead of me and Robert behind me.  I started a little fast,  think 3:35 for the first km. The guy who was 4th in the series was running with me, so I knew I just had to stay with him and I would be good for 3rd.  There was a bit of snow and ice on the course, but it was okay to run.

I noticed after about 3km that Sebi wasn’t pulling away from me, and on the hill at 3.5km I caught him and pulled in to offer some wind protection. He ran behind me until about 6km, going past the 5km sign after 18:28, then he faded quite a bit.

There was no one ahead of me for about 200m, and no one behind me who was catching me, so I could just keep a solid pace going and get to the end in one piece.  I realised after 8km that a sub 37m looked unlikely, but I did try anyway.  Coming out of the woods I could see that I wasn’t going to gain or lose any more places.  Sebi was quite a way back, but I doubted he would lose 2 minutes in 4km, so I wouldn’t pass him in the overall ranking.

And over the line

Coming to the houses at the end, I saw 36:30 on the watch and sprinted in the vein hope of a 37min run, but at the final turn the clock ticked over, so I could only manage a 37:13.  I am still very happy with that time though given my recent training.

Sebi came in about 1 minute down, and Robert managed a 39:10, a PB for him, so he was happy too.

After a shorter than normal wait came the prize giving. I didn’t win in the tombola, but I was 2nd in my age group on the day, 6th overall. I was also 3rd in the series overall and 1st in my age group.  They seemed to kind of ignore the 3rd place in the series, and gave me a 1st in the age group prize instead.  I didn’t like that too much.  Anyway I came home with 12 beers and a towel, good value nonetheless!

Coming up

I am going to run a staffel-marathon, i.e. a 4 person team marathon next weekend in Morfelden.  I will be looking to do a sub 39 if the course is decent.  Then I plan on doing the half marathon in Morfelden a few weeks later.  I want to do a Rodgau race again sometime, but that would be easier if Jochen drives!

I’ll write again next week after the race. I am calling this part of the season – Renn mich fit!

Ebersheim Adventslauf 2016

I haven’t been running that much recently. I mean I am still running 50-70km per week, but I didn’t expect to be on top form for the Ebersheim Adventslauf. Ebersheim is really close to where I live. I have raced there 3 times. In 2014 I was very happy with 4th place. In 2015 I was 2nd but a little disappointed.  This year I just wanted a form check really.

Jochen wanted to race the Adventslauf too, so he picked me up and we got to the race nice and early. I signed in and was going short/long, so short shorts, but a long sleeve top.  We ran a little 2.5km loop as warm up and my hand were cold, so I put on gloves too.

Ebersheim Adventslauf

I had seen that 2 faster guys were there (Felix and AN other both from Team Gasser). They are not that much faster than me but usually a bit faster.  A few others would be there or there abouts, but I was thinking that I should be good for the top 3.  We set off and after a few hundred metres were running slightly uphill against a strong wind.

I tucked into the lead group of 6, Jochen was there too and the faster guys.  The pace felt comfortable, but I didn’t want to be in the wind, so I bided my time.  Continue reading “Ebersheim Adventslauf 2016”