The Road to Roth – Week 13 – Zell Team Sprint

It feels like I am over the hump. My 16 week plan builds for 13 weeks, then tapers for 3. Even though the first week of tapering is far from easy, it looks easy compared to the last month!  This is the last week of the build and it ends with the Zell Team Sprint.

Just a quick note, I have Tuesday and Thursday off work, so will be trying to get my long run and long ride in on those days, so that I am in good shape on Sunday for the race.  I’m not 100% sure of how I will manage with week, but Saturday will be quite easy, but with a swim, bike and a run!

I am feeling a bit better now, I am still tired, but maybe not in a hole like I was.  My confidence is rising too, the end is in sight and my training has gone well. I could have done more hard sessions, but I my right calf is a bit dodgy for fast running, and I have been struggling with the number of hours, without much quality!


The traglufthalle is gone, so swim training is in the outdoor pool now. Lots of people turned up to training and we actually had the whole pool to train in, though there were no lane markers. Training was pretty good, but it only lasts 1h now, so I was finished before I wanted to be.  I practiced my sighting quite a lot, it felt fine most of the time. I cycled to the pool and back.


I had Tuesday off work and had planned a big day of training. Katja wanted to visit Germersheim, a uni where she has a masters spot, but she isn’t sure about going there. We got the train there and wandered around for a few hours. I stupidly ate a 2 scoop ice cream.  I got out of the train early and decided to run home.  Mettenheim seemed like it would be about 30km away, so I got out there.

I set off straight into a head wind, my stomach was very unhappy and I was having frequent ‘breaks’.  In Oppenheim I had to go again, but I was in the town, so I had to walk to a toilet, meaning a big break in the run.  After about 2h I was feeling dehydrated, so I stopped at a Netto. There was a long queue and I accidently bought fizzy water, so my stomach was further annoyed.  After a final stop in Bodenheim, the last 5km or so were fine and I sped up, but all in all it was a nightmare run.  I was so badly chafed and my stomach was a mess.  Anyway, it was 31km in 2h30, also shorter than I had planned.


I just went to TBB 25m pool to swim after work.  Just after paying at 16:45, I was told that all of the swimming lanes were booked after 17:00. Great.  Luckily as it was hot and sunny, the indoor pool was pretty empty.  I took a line next to the lane marker and swam my session. Some bitch decided to get in and swim exactly where I was swimming, so I made a point of swimming straight at her and kicking water up whenever I passed her, she moved over after about 15 minutes. I did a 10x100m leaving on 2mins as my main set. I was getting in on 1:38 or so, it felt quite good.

After 1h05 I was done, the pool was filling up with more annoying floaters (they weren’t swimming anyway), so I left.  I cycled home, though it was only 7km.


This was the big one, I had a 6h ride planned.  It was set fair, but would get hot later on, like 33 degrees hot.  I set off after a big breakfast at 10am.  I had found a GPS that would get me to about 6h online, so i planned to follow that.

My legs felt tired from the start, but I was always comfortable.  I wanted to try to get a good 3h donw before stopping to eat and drink.  After 80km or so I saw a fountain that seemed to have drinking water, so I filled up there.  After getting off course due to closed roads, I eventually looped back into Zellertal, somewhere I had never been 6 weeks ago, but have been 3 times now!

I had guessed that I had 100km done, but actually I had 110km, I was feeling good, if somewhat warm and in need of food/drinks.  In Worms I decided to kick on to Osthofen, where I knew I could stop and fill up, except I got a bit lost and didn’t get to Osthofen.  Now with 150km done, I was getting into some trouble, I needed to drink.

After several small towns with nothing open, I went to Eich as I had heard 1 day earlier at work that you can get ice cream in Eich.  2 scoops and a few litres of water later (it was a total rip off, 2 scoops + 600m of coke cost 7,40€) I was back on my way home.  The (tail) wind was nice at the end, though It was very warm.  I got home after 6h12 and 196km, job done.


I just ran on Friday, my legs seemed to be feeling good and I had to actively slow myself down a few times. I did 13.6km in 1h, faster than normal, but felt easy.


I didn’t want to destroy myself and be tired for Zell tomorrow, but I needed to get some hours in too.  I started off with an easy run for about 1h. My stomach wasn’t great, but otherwise all was fine.

Later I rode the road bike a bit to get to the pool. I thought the route I had planned would take 1h, but it took 36mins! My legs felt tired when riding.  I swam for 30 mins in the freibad, mainly 200m intervals until I got to 1500m, then I cycled around a bit to get home.  I had done about 2.5h but it was an easy day.  It did mean that I wouldn’t manage my 20h planned week, but I have to accept that with the team race tomorrow.


Zell Team Sprint day, see the race report.

lovely Zell am Mosel
lovely Zell am Mosel

So I only managed about 17.5h this week, not 20h.  I am fine with that given that I had a great long ride and a dreadful long run, along with a race and 4 swims!  There is no need to catch up the hours, I think I am pretty much done and ready to taper, everything feels like it is falling into place.

On the podium

The Road to Roth – Week 12

I feel like the training stress is building, I am switching between being pretty tired and being very tired!  The actual exercise is fine, but I am a bit stressed about getting everything done.  My diet has gone to pot, I need to get back on it.  I haven’t done any fast stuff for a while either, I mean I do some efforts when cycling, but I haven’t purposely run fast for a while.

This week is another big one, I won’t be on plan much, but I will still aim to get my 19.5h minimum done.  I will try to get my long run done during the week, so that the weekend is less stressful. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Week 12”

The Road to Roth – Week 11 – Weather


Cycled to swimming, swam, cycled home. Not much more to it that that!  I think we swam about 3300m, but we did lots with flippers and far too much in backstroke, as appears to be the trend.  I was feeling pretty good though and swimming off the front.

On the way home I did some sprint intervals, just messing around, but a good sign that my legs feel good. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Week 11 – Weather”

The Road to Roth – Week 10 – No race!

Not alot to say about this week going into it. I am feeling a bit tired, but all good.  Thursday is a bank holiday so I will be splitting my long run and long ride to Thursday and Saturday/Sunday.  I might ride the Undenheim RTF on Sunday, if anyone else fancies doing it too. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Week 10 – No race!”

Gimbsheim Sprint Triathlon 2017 – 3rd place, won age group

I found it a little strange, but the Gimbsheim Sprint Triathlon, that only has a 500m swim in a outdoor 50m pool, lets you swim in a wetsuit!  I only found that out the night before the race, so washed my wetsuit and was ready.

Silly o’ clock again – Triathlon version

I got up at 6am and ate my normal breakfast. That is 3 weeks in a row that I have had a 6am Sunday morning alarm!  I had to meet Michael at 7:30 in Gau-Bischofsheim to ride to Gimbsheim, so there wasn’t much dilly dallying time. Continue reading “Gimbsheim Sprint Triathlon 2017 – 3rd place, won age group”

The Road to Roth – Week 9 – Gimbsheim

Coming into week 9 I am feeling better than I was last week. My calves are still a bit sore, mainly my right calf, so I will be careful with faster running.  I have 18.5h planned this week, ending on Sunday with a sprint triathlon in Gimbsheim. I may or may not go to Langen on Thursday for the Swim nights, I can imagine that the water is cold, but some open water swimming experience would probably be a good thing. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Week 9 – Gimbsheim”

Wörrstadt Time Trial 2017

The Wörrstadt Time Trial has been on my radar for a while now. I rode it in 2015 and was pretty happy with my time and effort. I was hoping to be able to better that time. Maybe by over a minute, even if that only comes from a better fit and set-up.

Silly o’ clock

I got up early and rode to Wörrstadt at 7am, so that I would be there before the first riders set off at 8am, and in good time for my 8:26 start time.  In 2015 I started very early on, overtook lots of people and wasn’t overtaken.  This year I was in the middle of a tough group. The 2 people before me were very good riders, and there were plenty of good riders just behind me too.

I used my new HED Disc for the first time in ernst for the time trial, but I bottled out of using the latex tubes, I was too scared of having a blow out and crashing.  My legs were tired and still a bit sore/injured from the Mainz half marathon last weekend, but I still felt like I would be able to put out my power when push came to shove. Continue reading “Wörrstadt Time Trial 2017”

The Road to Roth 2017 – Week 8 – Wörrstadt TT

I will start by saying, I am not going to try to get back the 1.5h I missed last week. They are gone now and I am back on plan.  I have 17.5h planned this week, that is more than enough without add ons.


76.6kg – Cycled to swimming and swam for 70 mins. It was crazily full for some reason. People don’t do the full 400m warm-up so I actually had to start at the very back and work my way through the 15 person lane throughout the session.  It wasn’t a tough swimming day, there was too much traffic for that.  Cycled home after. Continue reading “The Road to Roth 2017 – Week 8 – Wörrstadt TT”

The Road to Roth – Week 7 – Mainz Half Marathon

With Mainz Half Marathon planned, I wanted to kick start the week with a longer ride on the bank holiday Monday.  That would mean I could do less later in the week, like a mini-taper. I have a strange feeling that a 1:20 HM might be possible on Sunday.


I got up (78kg) and looked at the weather radar.

Weather Radar Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Week 7 – Mainz Half Marathon”

Mainz Half Marathon 2017

I haven’t been in full run training for quite a while now. My last couple of 10k races were also not the best, so I was kind of worried that Mainz Half Marathon wouldn’t go well for me.  Well I say that, but I have lost so much weight that I also kind of expected to run really well!  I had set 1h20 as my goal time, even though that is faster than my recent 10k paces, but for 2.1x the distance!

No team photos

The Mainz Marathon TCEC team photo didn’t happen because no one brought a camera. The senior members all left. Apparently forgetting that we could just use a camera phone.  I got to the toilet and felt ready after 1 quick 5min warm up jog. Continue reading “Mainz Half Marathon 2017”