Mais Oui, Paris – Week 8


AM: I woke up early and could feel yesterday in my legs. I jogged an easy 5km into work but my legs still felt pretty crappy. I right glutes still hurts. If and when I sit on my massage ball in the right spot, it is agony!

PM: Still feeling flat, I ran 6.5km home and was done for the day. The homemade popcorn from last night wasn’t agreeing with me and my legs were tired.


I think I am a bit ill. I have been very hungry recently, which is ok, but I now have a bit of a head ache and a sore throat. Ain’t nobody got no time for dat!  I planned on doing an easy single run, but ended up sleeping instead, so today was a rest day.


I felt a bit better so after work I set off to Willy Wacker to do my intervals. I wanted to do a 1-2-3-2-1 pyramid, with the 1ks at 5k race pace, the 2ks at 10k race pace and the 3k at 15k race pace.  I ran the first k slightly slow in 3:28 instead of 3:27, but damn was it tough! I was gasping for air and my heart rate was 170 already.  I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but I set off for the 2km, but was feeling dead.  After 700m I picked up my jacket and set off on an easy loop instead.  My guts were dreadful too, all in, it was a bad run. I am definitely a bit ill.


I woke up feeling pretty under the weather, even though I slept for 9h again. I decided quite early on that it would be another rest day for me. I don’t think I’ll be ill for long, so I am not too worried.


I was feeling a bit better, though my guts were still fairly bad. I ran an easy 12.2km loop, it was nice weather, except for against the wind!  There is a cold front at the moment and it is below freezing all the time. Running into the easterly wind is painful, but fortunately doesn’t last too long!


I was up early and ran another easy 12.2km. It was very similar to yesterday, though it was the squatch loop this time. In the sun and with the wind on my back, it felt warm, against the wind it was bitter cold!

I went swimming later for the first time in a while. I felt quite good surprisingly. I did my tautness kicking and alignment stuff, followed by some fast 50s and a little cool down. As I only had 45 minutes, it was a good short workout before the TCEC JHV.


I ran the TCE 10km in Langen. See the race report here.


Well it wasn’t a good week was it!  I ran just about 56km with no workout, but I did have the 10k race. I am a bit disappointed with my time, but the ice wind must have cost a few seconds.

I’m feeling good now anyway, I have 4 big weeks of training left, then a taper. It is finally getting to the endspurt!  Next week I want to run 125km with a quality long run and a longer midweek run with some M pace work in there. The weather won’t be helpful, so I will have to do my man suit up tight!  I also want to cut back on my eating, I ate a lot in the last 9 days, that needs to stop so I can drop 1-2kg before Paris.

I have no photo for the snippet – so here is me in my new cycle kit that arrived this week – 31€ for bibshorts, top and a bidon!

Langen TCE 10km Run – 35:51 – 10th Place

I had heard that this is a fast road 10k race from a few people, so I actually moved around my plans to fit it in! After being ill midweek and failing my intervals badly on Wednesday, my confidence wasn’t sky high, but who knows what will happen and I had signed up, so I was running for the first time in Langen.

An unnecessarily early start!

I managed to get a lift to the start with Sebi and Lukas, we set off at 8:30 for a 10am start, except that the race started at 11am!  So we had a long while to linger before the start, but as it was part of the triathlon convention, it wasn’t too bad.

Lukas ummd and ahhhd about signing up for the race. It was freezing cold, windy and cost 20€ if you sign up on the day. He eventually decided that he would run, he is fast so would have a chance to win.

Blowing in the wind

The race started with the wind and thus the start was fast. I felt pretty good and settled into a decent pace. After the first turn around, we started running into the wind. I tried to tuck in for a while but I felt like I was in the wind more than I wanted to be. After maybe 4km a few people including Sebi passed me, I should have tried to stay with them but I didn’t.

Head down and grind it out

I didn’t feel great and I had no idea what my pace was, but after 6km I saw 21mins on the clock, that is 35minute pace!  Ok I had more to do against the wind, but I was shocked (Strava disagrees with either the km marker or the time, I wasn’t on 35min pace!)  The 7.5-9km part was the worst, but Sebi wasn’t far ahead of me and I was still going ok. I thought that a PB could be on if I held it together.  The last switchback was with 700m to go, then it was a few 100m with the wind, then a sprint to the line.

Not a PB 🙁

I crossed the line in 35:51, 7 seconds slower than 2 weeks ago in Groß Gerau.  I felt disappointed as  wanted a sub 35:30 time, but it also wasn’t a nightmare.  Sebi ran a massive PB 10 seconds ahead of me and Lukas won the race in 33:16, I guess coming last from us 3 probably made it feel like a worse result than it was.

Just to make things worse, I was 4th in my age group, so went home empty handed, not that that is too important, it is always nice to win something!

And on we go

So that was that. My 10k season is probably over now. I have a half marathon in 2 weeks, until then I need to get some good mileage in and stop eating so much!  I can still dream of a 1:17 half marathon, even if a 1:19 seems more likely at the moment.

Mais Oui, Paris – Week 7 – Half Way

The half way week, now I can start counting down instead of counting up!


Rosenmontag – rest day as my feet and right glute were a bit sore. I over ate but didn’t drink too much, could have been better, could have been worse!

me in costume
#no filter

As I am off work until Thursday, I won’t be doubling. So I ran for just about 90 minutes nice and easy for 18.6km. It was a nice run, though my right foot is still slightly sore from running in the Zoom Flys on Saturday!


It was my birthday, so I ate a LOT of pancakes for breakfast!  After a nap, I ran 17km in another longer single. The weather was lovely, chilly but sunny.


AM: I had left my bike in town on Saturday after the race, I wanted to finally pick it up today, so I ran into town before work.  It was 5.6km at about 4:58/km and a nearly dead 118bpm heart rate. It started snowing as I was running and when I cycled back to work it started getting heavier.  I had planned a workout this evening, I’ll have to see if that is still possible.

PM: I really wanted to do a workout, so I tip toed through the snow to the track after work, but that wasn’t going to happen:

The track covered in ice

I looked around to see if the paths nearby were clear of snow, but they weren’t. There just wasn’t anywhere where I could run fast and not probably slip and fall. Feeling slightly annoyed, I jogged around a little bit, before going home. I only managed about 7.65km at 5:13/km due to the snow.


AM: The snow was largely gone, so the paths weren’t too bad, but the roads were fairly deadly on the way to work. With lentil soup from dinner working its way through the system quickly, I just ran 5.2km at a very very slow pace of 5:20/km which was good for getting my heart rate up to 115bpm! At least my clothes aren’t very sweaty today!

PM: I cycled home and headed straight out to the now snow free track. I didn’t really have a plan, I didn’t want to kill myself, but I wanted some speedwork, so 7x1km at 10k pace?  The first interval was right at 3:34, but it felt too easy, so I sped them up to 3:30/km. I was still cruising them but didn’t need to go overboard 2 days before a half marathon. All in it was 15km in 1h05.


I woke up at 8am, so ate some cornflakes. I decided against the TCEC run, so set off at 11am on an easy loop.  It was pretty crappy! It was like I was hungry after 3km, but I dragged myself around 14.9km in 1h14 feeling weak all the way. My right hamstring had a few wobbles that buckled my leg. It didn’t hurt or anything, but seems far from ideal.

For the rest of the day I felt starving. I ate lots but still felt hungry. I would prefer not to over-indulge before a race, but it felt like my body was telling me to eat, so I did.


As mentioned last week, I had a plan to run Mörfelden HM as a up-paced long run. I would do a warm up jog, 21.1km at 4mins/km, then another loop of 10.55km to round out my long run.

The start

All went to plan more or less. I set off at 4:00/km pretty much and was with Jochen after 3km. He wasn’t having a good day (in fact his training is going very badly for some reason that is hard to explain) so I left him behind.  I ticked up the pace a little after 10km and split 41:57, a little too fast after 10.55km.

Long Long this week, it was cold

3rd place was ‘only’ 300m ahead of me, so I thought that if I sped up and he slowed down, I might catch him.  I sped up a little without going all out and passed a few people. After 16km it was clear that I wouldn’t catch a few people ahead of me, so I didn’t try to overdo it at the end and I ran in a 1:22:44 with the 2nd half being in 40:47.

I had a couple of cups of tea, then headed straight off for my 3rd loop, it was a real slow jog, which seemed to take an age, but eventually it was done and I could shower and eat cake!

2nd in the age group

I was 7th place and 2nd in my age group. It ended up being a HM at marathon pace, with the 2nd half being faster than marathon pace. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, it was certainly no nightmare, but maybe I should have taken it easier.


It wasn’t a perfect week for training! Rosenmontag meant a rest day, on Monday, though that was due anyway. Wednesday was my birthday and it snowed on Thursday, so I think I did ok to get in my 118km, even though I wanted a bit more.  I feel like my pace is there and endurance is looking promising. If I had run the half marathon at a steady pace, I could have judged better if I was in the right zone. My 161bpm average would be about right to a little high for my marathon pace, I would definitely be worried about holding that effort for 42.2km.

Next week will be a bit lower mileage, ending with Langen 10k. I have heard that it is a flat road race, if I run like I think I can, I want to be close to 35:00.


Mais Oui, Paris – Week 6

Into week 6. After taking a look at my current training, I have decided to try to break down my runs slightly differently. My doubles have been 10/10km or so, but I will try to split them more 5/15 or even single a 20km more often from now on.

This week will be a bit different as I am racing a 10k in Groß-Gerau on Saturday, my first real form test of the year!


AM: I ran to work, just 4.8km. It was a clencher, but I made it in a slow as hell 5:15/km. It was cold and I was rocking the shorts 🙂

PM: I wanted to run 15km after work, but I ended up running 14km, not a big deal I guess, but I misread my watch whilst running!  My pace was better, as is normal in the afternoons. Continue reading “Mais Oui, Paris – Week 6”

Groß-Gerau Frühjahrslauf 2018 – sub36 – PB

Fassenacht Run

It’s that time of the year again – Helau! – no that isn’t what I’m bothered about, the Groß-Gerau Frühjahrslauf is on Fastnacht Saturday every year. In 2016 I ran my current PB 10k race there, it was a bit of a shock result, but great for me in my run up to Rotterdam. Last year I bombed and ran nearly 2 minutes slower, it was a nightmare run. This year I feel like I should be able to beat my PB, and by a fair amount too. Sub36 at least. Continue reading “Groß-Gerau Frühjahrslauf 2018 – sub36 – PB”

Mais Oui, Paris – Week 5


AM: With a lot of k’s to cover this week, I wanted to get a flying start so I ran 10.5km at a leisurely pace of 5:08/km. It was a slightly different route than I normally run, a slight improvement too as it is less busy and avoids the school, I’ll probably run this route more often.

PM: After work I decided to try my luck with another route variation. I wanted to run through Weisenau, to Laubenheim, up and over the hill and down to Hechtsheim – home. The route along Wormserstr. is the worst part of the Mainz marathon route, and was crap here too. The pavement is thin and there is a lot of traffic. It pretty much stayed like that until I got to the hill (Laubenheimer Höhe) in Laubenheim. It’s a nasty climb, but I took it easy. I did 9.9km with a 4:48/km average when I arrived home, so 20.4km on the day – job done.


At 18:30 after briefly falling asleep on Katja on the sofa, I was off to TV Hechtsheim training. It started slow with some gentle jogging, then a few exercises and sprints before getting down to something like buisiness. We did 5x200m sprints, followed by 100m slow jog. Then there was another 3x200m, followed by 50m running backwards, 100m jog and 50m skipping. I did 4 repeats instead of waiting around.

The coach at TV Hechtsheim is fast, he kicks my ass on sprints. I did my 200m sprints in about 36 seconds, he probably does about 30 seconds. Anyway at the end of the session we got to do 3x1k with a 3 minute rest. I ran the first in 3:26 and felt good. I decided to shorten the rest to 90s and repeat. The next 2 weren’t great, but ok in 3:27 and 3:28. I don’t think I fell apart, my legs were just getting tired.  After 800m of normal tempo running, I set off home, it was 15.87km all in and a decent workout at the end.


AM: I ran pretty much exactly the same route to work as I did on Monday. 10.8km at 5:01/km. I was like an old man setting off, my hips are so tight and sore after doing intervals.

PM: I just ran a fairly normal route home, with a little add on to get to 9km. Pace was alright, as is often the case in my afternoon runs.


My legs were still feeling a little stiff from Tuesday, but I wanted to get my 2nd set of intervals in for the week. I kind of fear doing a 2x5km intervals at half marathon pace, I don’t like long intervals, but I do think I need to do them.  I felt flat as hell at the start and had to make a mental effort to keep 3:45/km pace going. I decided to do 3km instead of 5km, but after 3km I persuaded myself to continue on to 5km, I could do shorter intervals after the 5km. So I did the first 5km in 18:40.

I jogged 800m then started the 2nd interval. I guess I knew I would run the full 5km, but I had mental get outs, like doing a 5-3-1 or 5-2-2. I ran exactly at 3:45/km pace, but with 2km to go I picked it up a bit so that the 2nd 5km would be faster than the first. I finished in 18:33 and felt like I could go on if needed. I was done for the day though.  I did 15.2km in 1h04 all in, another good work out in the bag.


I didn’t feel like getting up early to run to work, so I just ran 15km really easy after work at 4:51/km. It was nice to run one of my old loops, recently I have either been doing a work out, a long run or commuting.


I woke up at 7am and ate some cornflakes and went back to bed. At 9am I was up again and set off to run to the uni at 9:25.  I met up with TCEC and we were off at 10am. It was a really relaxed pace, probably 5:10/km but we did a few sprints, which just showed how stiff my hips are at the moment! The rest of the run was more of a chat, but wasn’t bad. I ran the last 7.5km home to do 30.5km on the day. My stomach wasn’t very happy today, I might have to watch drinking beetroot juice the night before long runs!

the TCEC run group

Went for a bit longer swim in Mombach. I did 3000m all in, a lot for me with some sprints too. I am slow, but I think I’ll get faster as soon as I really start my swim training.


I got my miles in, ran a decent long run, and a good long intervals session.  I have a little ache in my groin or adductor or something, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem. All in it was a good week of training, the next 2 weeks will be more focussed on my races, I am looking forward to some shiny new PBs!

Mais Oui, Paris – Week 4 – a down week


As it’s my down week, I wanted to start off with a shorter, slower recovery run, especially after the long run yesterday, I ran ‘das Herzchen’ run, so named because it has a loop that looks like a heart in it!  Apart from waiting at lights for ages, it was fine. My heart rate strap messed up a bit, but I had a mid-high 120s BPM average, for a 5:00/km average pace over 10.84km

Der Herzchenlauf – muddy though

Weighed in at 78.4kg, moving in the right direction. In the evening I didn’t fancy waiting for the TV Hechtsheim training at 19:00, so I ran as soon as I got home. Keeping up my quality, I decided to try some hill intervals. I always look at one path that goes straight up the side of the hill in Hechtsheim and think – I’m pleased I’m not running up that! Well today I would be.  I found that 2 minutes of hard running got me to a side path, where I could turn around. I did 6 repeats, feeling like the 6th was very hard work (and slower).

I got a bit lost on the way back cutting over a trail, but got home after 1h20. I was surprised to see my slow 5:09/km average, but later saw that the slowest part of the run was the intervals! It is a steep old path, so keeping a fast pace up there would be tough.


AM: I ran a very easy recovery pace to work. I took the 5km way round as planned, but I wished that I had done at least 7km, I got to work too early and felt quite good. It was warm too, 9 degrees when I set off! The stats: 5:07/km with a 120bpm HR, basically back to normal, phew!

PM: Ran just under 7km home nice and easy. Nothing to see here. I had butt muscle (glutes) ache all day from the hill intervals yesterday. It’s probably good that I strengthen my glutes, but stairs weren’t my friends today!

A little later I went to the pool in Mombach. Marco was there and had a plan for his session, so I jumped in and swam with him.  I did 400m in, 5x100m arms, 16x50m every 4th breaststroke, 100m easy, 4x200m snorkel, 100m flippers kicking with massive calf cramps out. 2700m. It was pretty good. I could swim with Marco up until the snorkel part, when I left him behind, probably due to my experience of using a snorkel in training. I feel like I am getting some of my swimming fitness back, I need to swim twice a week or more until the marathon, then kick on.


AM: Up and out early again. I ran a new route to work. To the Messe, then around through the Industriegebiet, then straight along Rheinhessenstr to work. It worked out to be just over 9km. The start wasn’t so much fun, but after my muscles warmed up, it was ok. My muscle ache from the hill intervals on Tuesday was still pretty noticeable!

PM: There was a SITO seminar, so I was in work until after 6pm. I got changed in the bathroom after the seminar and ran home from there. I felt quite good, I was surprised by how slow I had run – 6km 4:51/km


I put on my new Nike Zoom Flys that arrived yesterday (my 2nd pair) and headed to the track. I wanted to try my old 4x2000m + 4x200m intervals session. I was actually a little worried, I wanted to do my 2000m intervals in less than 7:20, or 3:40/km. I ran the first lap too slow in 90 seconds, but soon found my groove and started knocking out 88 second laps. 1st interval done in 7:19. The second came and went in 7:18. My heart rate wasn’t getting too high (168bpm at the end) and I was holding myself back. On the 3rd intervals I ran a bit faster at 7:14, but still felt fine so went for it a bit more in the last 2km. I ran through the 1st 1000m in 3:31 and finished in 6:58, I was shocked and ecstatic!

The 200m sprints are a formality, except that my shoes started rubbing on my left heel (it blistered), I ran 37-36-37-36 before jogging home in a little pain.

I feel like I have done sub 7:20 2000m splits in training before (strava shows that I haven’t!!) but I thought it would be tough. It was easy, 6:58 was tough at the end, but that is a lot faster too. It looks like my PBs are going to fall soon!


I woke up just before 9am and decided to run with TCEC. I ate a banana and set off at about 9:30. It took a little longer than expected (it was more than 7km there, I thought it would be 5km) so I was 5 mins late, luckily they were still there. It was much colder than it has been recently, so it was full hat, gloves and jacket weather.

We set off and the pace was fine, not fast but not too slow, a nice recovery run pace. We had a good chat and the time passed pretty quickly. After about 1h20 with the group, they were done and I was off home. It was another 7.xkm home, so I actually ran 31km in 2h35 or so all together, much more than I had planned. I was getting pretty hungry at the end.


Day off  -I think this picture sums it up well:

Stuffing my face with cakes

So my down week of 90km was actually basically 100km, with 2 good/great interval sessions and an unplanned long run. It probably wasn’t as easy as I wanted it to be, but a Sunday rest day sets me up for next week nicely.  The best part of the running week was clearly my 4x2000m on Friday. It has given me confidence that I can break all my PBs in the near future, I just need to stay fit and pick the right races.

Next week somewhere between 110-120km would be good, without a 30km+ run and possible including a 10k race. If I do a 10k race, I will have to think about whether or not I do 2 quality sessions, or just 1 and the race.

10 weeks to go, it actually seems a long way off now, I think I would be ready before then…

Mais Oui, Paris – Week 3

Going into week 3, it’s time to get some quality started!


AM: I got up early and ran to work. I felt good out of the gate and even though it was cold, my legs were springy and I enjoyed it, even having a little dance on the way downhill to Hechtsheim!  I ran just over 10k at 4:49/km.

PM: On the way home, I had another nice run, despite the cold and rain!  It was a nice and easy one, 9.1km at 4:34/km. So that’s 19.3km done today, a good start to the week, I should get my 115km in easily enough.


I went to the TV Hechtsheim training. I ran there then did a few slow laps with the group. We did a short warm up and some drills and sprints before getting to the work out. They always seem to concentrate on short and fast stuff, not ideal for me, but still worthwhile.

We did 5x(400m-200m) I ran the 400m in 80s and 200m in about 38, give or take. The breaks were 100m walk/slow jog.  After those were done, we did 1k, followed by another 2x (400m-200m). I just did a 3:39 km, then the same pace as before for the 400 and 200s.  It was actually reasonably tough, I am generally slow, so faster stuff isn’t my forté.  All in all, I ran 15.1km according to Strava. I did lose about 800m be forgetting to restart my watch when running home, but I can live with that.


AM: I was up early and ready to run. I set off and light snow started to fall. Then it got a bit heavier, and a bit heavier. My run route back towards Hechtsheim on the top of a small hill was a nightmare. The snow was horizontal and getting into my eyes. At times I couldn’t see just due to the snow, sometimes due to the snowflakes in my eyes.  I was freezing and hating it.

me arriving at work in costume

As soon as I dropped down to where houses are, the wind wasn’t so bad, and I think the snow let up a bit too, so I could enjoy warming up for the rest of the run. When I got to work, I was slightly disappointed that I ‘only’ had 11km behind me, I thought it would be 12km. Anyway, it was 11km with a 5:00/km average, slow but mainly due to being blinded!


Ran home, 7km nothing special. My hips have been tight but once  got going it was fine. 4:42/km 135bpm.

Later on I got the tram to swimming. My guts weren’t good after gnocchi and pesto for some reason. I did a good kick set and worked on tautness and alignment. I was slow and crap, but it was all fine. 1h – 2500m done and dusted.


There was a big storm in Germany and the wind was gusting at up to 100km/h, so I decided to try to hide out a bit in the industrial area for a quality work out. I did a little loop around, then found a fairly straight flat path that I thought was 1km long, and started my intervals. One way is slightly downhill and with the wind, the other slightly uphill and against.  I managed 7x1km, the route wasn’t ideal as the path was more like 970m, so I had to run round a corner at the end of each interval!  All done I ran 16km at 4:34/km with a HR of 149, a bit high still.


AM: I got up after a bad nights sleep (waking up every hour) and ran to work. It started raining and as I was running out of town the wind was lashing me with rain, it reminded me too much of Wednesday, which was a nightmare, so I cut back onto a more protected route and ran 8.7km with a 5:00/km average. My heart rate is too high at the moment, it was 137bpm average. As a comparison, my last run in Lanzarote was 8.8km 5:03/km with a 122bpm average…..

PM: After work I ran into town to pick up my ticket for the Mainz game on Saturday. I just took a short route home, so my run was only 7.8km with a 4:50/km average.  My heart rate was high again, I wasn’t feeling great.


After another dreadful night’s sleep, I decided to put off my long run until Sunday. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment that I am probably low on iron, that is why I am struggling to sleep and my heart rate is up. It’s happened to me a few times before.  I started hitting the iron hard straight away and will be keeping on top of it much more from now on in.

I swam for an hour in the afternoon. It was something like – 400m in, 3x200m kicking, 5x200m swimming with snorkel, 500m drills, 100m out. I felt like my left hand is crossing over slightly during my one handed drills, I will watch out for that. My hips sink too, I need to work on that too.


Feeling a bit better after a rest day, and having slept much better, not well, but better, I did my long run for the week. I decided against adding quality as I didn’t know if I could handle it.  The route looped around through Bodenheim, Laubenheim and Mainz before heading back. I felt quite good at the end, I ran 32.6km in 2h32, picking up the pace slightly at the end.


Well it’s been an odd one. On the one hand I did 2 sets of intervals, ran 118km and managed a good long run as well as swimming twice so all good! On the other hand, my heart rate is higher than normal, my sleep is suffering and my hips and calves are tight. Luckily next week is an easier week, so I will drop down to 90km or so, but try to keep up the quality.

Now that I am hitting the iron tablets, I expect/hope that my heart rate will drop again, making my easy runs easier, so helping with recovery and everything else really. I should notice in the next week if I am seeing the benefits, I’ll keep you up to date!

Just a side note, I started taking probiotics after getting back from Lanzarote on the off-chance that it would help my stomach issues when I run. Well it’s really helped! I haven’t had a single problem this week, that is nearly unheard of for me!

Mais Oui, Paris – Week 2

After an enjoyable first full week of run training in Lanzarote, it was back to the grind this week.


Up early to run before the flight home. I was slow as hell, and it was slippy too. 8.8km at 5:06/km with a 122 HR.


Back in Mainz for this one. I had planned on doing a track work out, but the floodlights were off when I ran past Willy Wacker, so I just ran a 15.6km route around to ZDF and back. It was a nice loop actually, and one I’ll have to do more often. Pace 4:50/km HR 134. I took my first probiotics today, I hope it helps my guts when running.


I ran to work, just an easy 5.8km at 5:00/km. I ran home later, I was a little bit late getting out of work, so only ran 8.2km at 4:49/km. The ball of my right foot is hurting a little, not when I run, but the rest of the time! My achilles still ache from time to time too, both, separately at different times!

I went swimming in the evening. It was my first swim since November 22nd! I expected that it would be bad, and it was. I gutted through an hour (more or less, so slightly less!) my 100m times were 1:55 or so later in the session, that is way down on my speed when fit.  I’ll try to get in 2 regular swims a week from now on.


I had a leg massage in my lunch break (thanks Jamie!). After work I wanted to do a session. After umming and ahhing, I decided on a 7x1km at 3:45/km pace, standard and not too tough. Well 1st the lights were off at the track, but I could run with my head torch, then I just felt like crap!  I ran 5x1km all easily faster than 3:45/km, generally ~3:40/km with a slower last 200m, but my right calf didn’t feel good, and I generally wasn’t feeling too hot.

I extended the run out to 1h10 by running around to the messe. I think I bonked at the end of the run. I had only eaten a sandwich since dinner yesterday, and I had swam and worked all day before running. I was fine anyway after a banana and the remainder of my smoothie.


I extended the run to work by running towards Bodenheim, then cutting back through Hechtsheim and down to work. I wasn’t too bad really, 9.5km at 4:53/km. I’ve notice than my HR is a bit higher than I want at the moment and my ‘running performance’ according to movescount is falling. It’s a little worrying but hopefully just a result of my increased mileage.

My running route at a nicer time of year.
Poo by the side of my route. It was steaming on Friday morning, running through a poo cloud isn’t cool!

I ran easy on the way home. Just 6.9km at 4:43/km. I felt a bit better on this one.


Long Run day. I ate cornflakes an PB and J sandwiches for breakfast, took an Imodium 90 mins before the start and 3h after breakfast was good to go. I wanted to run for 2h30 and at least 30km, but I saw pretty early on that I would be running faster than 5min KMs.

Everything went fine, the last 30 minutes were tough but my pace held up ok. It was just a steady pace run. I enjoyed seeing deer on the run and the route was quite interesting. I ended with 32.4km in 2h31 with a bit high 146bpm average.

My running route in autumn, it’s colder and muddier now 🙁

I woke up at 07:45 and couldn’t be bothered to run. Seemingly about 5 seconds later it was 08:45, so I got up and ran an easy loop to get up to 110km for the week. The route was pretty muddy, I had to walk about 30 metres in the field to avoid a huge puddle too.  All fine though, my legs felt surpringly good.


Week 2. It wasn’t my best week ever, but I got all my runs in and did my first real long run for a long time, as well as some pretty poor intervals. My legs are feeling better at the end of the week than they were on Thursday.

I weighed in at 79.5kg midweek, not great, but not too bad. I’d like to be at 77kg or below for Mörfelden half marathon at the end of February.

Next week:

I want to get more quality in and a little more volume. 115km would be good, with 2 swims. I will do a real intervals session and a shorter ML run, with some quality in. Probably 25km with 2x5km at goal marathon pace or faster. Lets see what happens though!