Roth 2017

2017 is pretty much all about Roth for me. In 2015 I basically tried to train through from the end of December until September and I think I burned out near the end.  That was a 33 week build up, too much.  This time I want to be smarter, and try a 16 week build up, that means starting proper Roth training on the 19th of March.

Obviously I won’t be doing nothing until then, but I won’t be specifically training for the long distance until then.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Swim 1h15 Run 1h15 Run 1h15 Swim 1h30 Run 1h15 Long Run 2h Long Bike 4h
Bike 1h30 Bike 1h30 Swim 1h15

I like the idea of the above as a skeleton plan. On swim training days (Monday and Thursday) I can tack on a bike ride before or after the swim, I need to get to the pool and back anyway, so that is 20km, another 25-30km and that would do as a little bike session.

The above times would give me:
Running – 5h15 – 65km
Cycling – 7h – 210km
Swimming – 4h -10km

16h+ a week is a fair amount, I think I will try the old 3 up weeks, 1 down week tactic to keep fresh. The down weeks should probably be similar but with normal runs and bikes instead of the longer sessions along with cutting out a run on Tuesday or Wednesday for a compete rest day leaving about 11 hours.

I need to be smart about my race planning too, Saturday races are much better for me that Sunday races, as if I race on Sunday, I will either have to take it easy on Saturday, or go into the race tired. That makes Zell and Worms both a little difficult for me, they are both on Sundays, only sprints but league races. They also fall in up weeks, so I will need to add on extra mileage somehow after the races.

Liege Bastogne Liege is also on a Sunday, but I think that will count as my long ride, as at 271km I think it might count as my long ride!

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