The Road to Roth – Project 2017 – Week 3

Going into week 3 on the Road to Roth, I was a little beaten up from my crash last week and a little tired from my ride yesterday, but nothing too bad.  I feel like I am managing quite well.

My weight is annoying though, I seem to be stuck around the 79kg mark. I really want to get down to at least 77kg, with 75kg being the real goal, but it just isn’t happening right now, even though I feel like I am eating more vegetables and not snacking. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Project 2017 – Week 3”

The Road to Roth – Project 2017 – Week 2

So after a good week 1, week 2 on the Road to Roth started.


A pretty normal one, cycled to swimming on the mountain bike, by way of work due to an alarm, then swam about 3k, then cycled home. I am feeling strong in the pool, even my other strokes are getting better!


Just a 1h run after work. There were 2x6m fast, a bit unorganised, but did the time. It was 13.2km, quite fast. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Project 2017 – Week 2”

The Road to Roth – Project 2017

Oh no, what have I done!  I started this blog in 2015 for my run up to Köln226.  It’s all there for you to read, it wasn’t a lot of fun and I said that I didn’t plan to do another long distance any time soon.

Roth 2017 = Project 2017

So here we are in 2017 and I am signed up for my 2nd long distance Triathlon in Roth.  I can defend myself a little bit though. I am a better athlete than I was 2 years ago, so hopefully I won’t be as out of my depth as I was then.  I’ve also come up with a plan to avoid burning out like I did last time.  Finally Roth is a special triathlon, it sells out in seconds and should be a very different proposition to Köln226.

It is 16 weeks until Roth now. I have been training but nothing crazy.  My swimming is coming along nicely, I need to ride more, but I have been on the trainer semi-regularly and my running is ok, more than good enough for Roth. The 16 week build up is important to me, last time I basically went from January until September and blew up. I felt at my best in about June or July. This time I will do a shorter build, but try to really get some good quality and volume into that 16 weeks.

Be Iron Fit Plan

I have picked the competitor plan from Be Iron Fit, with some amendments.  I will swim with TCEC on Mondays and Thursdays as I do now. The plan calls for 3x1h of swimming, I will do 1h15 on Monday, 1h30 on Thursday and a little bit when I can on another day.

I plan to do the runs pretty much exactly as described in the plan as with the rides.  The one unknown for me is how to treat the rides to the pool and back. That takes 1h, but is an easy ride with lots of stops for traffic and traffic lights. Do I include them? On Thursdays the plan calls for 1h bike with some quality and a swim, that would be my normal Thursday minus the quality. Continue reading “The Road to Roth – Project 2017”