Mainz Half Marathon 2016

I wasn’t certain about doing this, the race and/or the blog entry, but at the end of the day it looks like I am doing both! So whatever, lets do this!

I found a cheap start for the half marathon on Friday afternoon. It was from a 30 something guy too, so I decided that I wouldn’t pay to get my name in the results list.  My running has been reduced a bit since my marathon. Quality has pretty much been stopped, or at least not organized quality. I have been doing some quite fast Bricks after my bike rides.  I think I’ve put on 1-2kg too, which obviously isn’t ideal.  My allergies have been playing up too, so have been on loratidine which might explain some of the water weight. Anyway, I got my number on Saturday, ran into loads of people I know and talked down my race, especially given that it would be warm on Sunday, possible up to 27 degrees. Continue reading “Mainz Half Marathon 2016”

Backeslauf 2016 – Burning in the heat.

I hadn’t raced in a while, not since Rotterdam actually.  I took 1 down week after Rotterdam and then got started on triathlon training.  I have been aiming for 70km per week of running, swim 3 times a week and do what I can on the bike.  Training seems to have been going well, my legs aren’t too happy about the cycling, but swimming is coming along nicely and I am running far more than I usually do post-marathon.

So to the race.  I did this race last year, it is a hilly 14.3km affair.  I cycled to the start in Framersheim, which is about 30km away.  It has been a fairly mild winter, it was rarely really cold, but it also hasn’t been warm at any point in spring, up until now!  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was 25 degrees, a bit warm for my north of England blood.  Anyway before the start I had a good chat with all the regulars and lots of fast runners were there, and most on form as Mainz marathon is in 2 weeks time. Continue reading “Backeslauf 2016 – Burning in the heat.”