Curriculum Vitae

Richard Rae

Immunologist with 10+ years of working experience in cancer-related clinical studies. Specialising in the design, optimisation and qualification of Flow Cytometric immunomonitoring panels focussed on a variety of cellular biomarkers. Goal-oriented and quick to pick up new skills. Dual German and
British citizen with native level English and a professional level German language. Co-author of two Nature papers as part of the innovative Mainz Cancer Immunotherapy setting.

Deputy Head of FE-Immunomonitoring – Translational Oncology (TRON)
Immunologist – November 2010 – Present
● Responsible for the immunomonitoring of samples in cancer immunotherapy clinical
● Specialising in the design and optimisation of multiparameter flow cytometry panels.
● Writing and editing of SOPs and Study Plans and Study Reports.
● Designed optimised peptide pools for patient monitoring.
● Performed multicolour acquisitions using the LSR Fortessa, FACSCanto II and FACSVerse.
● Expert in advanced FCS file analysis using FlowJo and FACSDiva.
● German to English proofreading/editing of scientific writings, such as journal articles and PhD theses.
● Trained to work in GxP lab.
● Perform cell culture.

Research Assistant Cell Medica, November 2007 – November 2010 (3 years 1 month) London, United Kingdom
● Worked in both R&D and in a clinical role.
● Led Streptamer based R&D projects leading to their use in patients.
● Routinely performed multicolour flow cytometry on the BD FACSAria, FACScaliber and FACScan.
● Trained to isolate virus specific T lymphocytes from blood using magnetic bead technology in a sterile environment.
● Wrote SOPs for clean room techniques.
● Fully trained to be able to perform sterile techniques in a GMP grade clean room.
● Involved in the design of clean techniques required for clinical grade cell separations.
● Treated patients in a phase III multicentre clinical study.
● Optimised patient monitoring using a combination of ELISPOT, immunophenotyping using flow cytometry, RNA and DNA extractions and reverse transcription PCR, validating each for use in our clinical study.
● Performed Fluorospot for two colour cytokine analysis.
● Acquainted with FACS sorting using the FACSAria
● Used PCR and gel electrophoresis for DNA analysis.
● Presented data obtained to funding bodies leading to investment.
● In charge of ordering equipment and fully stocking laboratory.
● Trained of new members of staff in lab techniques

Consultant, Cell Medica, November 2006 to November 2007
● Worked on an original business plan whilst researching the viability of the market for a new cell therapy company, which is now in place.
● Wrote and presented numerous documents to possible investors and scientific persons.
● Presented data to help successfully gain funding from the Wellcome Trust as well as securing funds from other private investors.
● Researched literature regarding cell therapies and the regulation of cell therapies.
● Liased with MHRA regarding GMP and GLP standards required for a clinical trial.

Market Operator, Betfair, May 2002 to November 2006 (Student Job)
Betfair is an internet based person to person betting exchange.
● Integrated into the team, offering leadership when required.
● Worked extensively on PCs using the internet as a resource for data.
● Trained new personnel.

2004 – 2005 Imperial College School of Medicine
MSc Immunology
6 month project in Dr Federica Marelli-Berg’s lab: The effect of PI3K delta subunit of anergy induction in murine T lymphocytes.
This project involved a great amount of cell culture work along with maintaining cell lines.
Performing proliferation assays using tritiated thymidine.
Using flow cytometry to track up-regulation of activation markers

2001 – 2004 Imperial College London
BSc Biochemistry
6 week project in Dr David Leak’s lab: The transfection of the alkene monooxygenase operon into Xanthobacter autotrophicus.
Carrying out polymerase chain reaction to amplify plasmid DNA.
Performing endonuclease digestions to allow insertion of genes into plasmids.
Gel electrophoresis for validation and purification of PCR products.
Transfection of E.coli and X. autotrophicus

1999 – 2001 City of Sunderland College, Bede Campus
A levels- Chemistry A, Mathematics B, Biology B. General Studies AS-Level A.

1994 – 1999 Thornhill Comprehensive School
GCSEs- 11 Grade A* – C’s. (English and Mathematics A, A)

Member of the CIMT.
Co-author on two Nature papers
● Personalized RNA mutanome vaccines mobilize poly-specific therapeutic immunity against cancer Nature. 2017 Jul 13;547(7662):222-226
●Systemic RNA delivery to dendritic cells exploits antiviral defence for cancer immunotherapy Nature. 2016 Jun 16;534(7607):396-401

Founded and captained several sports teams.
English Native Speaker
German level C1


Dr. Mark Lowdell – k
Others on request