My Health – Anemic, Helicobacter+ and more

I thought I would write a little post about my health. Don’t worry, it isn’t too bad. I have had my issues with being anemic though and they flared up again in the last couple of weeks.

Time number 1 – Vegas/San Diego

So to start with, a little history. In April/May 2009 I went to a conference in San Diego.  I got there a bit early and headed straight from San Diego to Vegas, where I spent a few days. I then headed back to San Diego for about 5 days.  My life wasn’t very healthy generally back then. I guess I weighed 90kg or so, but I was training for La Marmotte so had been cycling quite a lot.  If all had gone to plan, I would have been a 11h finisher (I finished in just over 8h in 2013), but it is hard to say exactly.

My short stay in Vegas wasn’t exactly a healthy time either. I drank lots, I ate lots. I stayed up all night and even took an ADHD pill that was offered to me by someone who I met when I was there.  It was a really fun few days, but when I flew back to San Diego I wasn’t feeling great.  I remember very clearly playing pool with a colleague of mine Ed, and having to go to the bathroom.  A deep black tarry mess came out and I even commented on resuming playing pool that that was the worst thing ever to come out of my body!

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Lindenseelauf Run Part 1 2016

I am writing this late for a few reasons, but I don’t want to not write a race report, so here it is!


On the 15th, so 11 days ago, the Lindenseelauf series started.  It is made up of 3 races. A 10km run in October, a 15km run in November and a final 10k run in January.  I have done the 15km and the 2nd 10km before, but I fancied trying the whole series this year.  My form obviously isn’t tip-top after a pre-marathon taper and post-marathon rest, but what the hell, I like racing and it is good to have a reference point to know where I stand.

I went to the market with Katja and had a coffee, before cycling to Russelsheim for the race.  I got there about 40 minutes before the start and signed up for the whole series.  Sebi Dahl and Konrad were both racing too. Both are fast but Sebi is about as fast as me, so he is a good goal for me to beat. Continue reading “Lindenseelauf Run Part 1 2016”

Swimming – review of my swimming 2016

Now that Berlin Marathon is in the books and I have taken 1 week completely off, and this week has been an nice easy week, I am thinking about the future, more specifically about swimming!

I went to the TCEC swim training yesterday, I was awful!  We had a 4x200m set in the middle, I swam the first 200m in 4 mins, then it was a downward spiral to 4:20 and even as low as 4:30.  I could feel that my technique was falling apart, my muscles ached and I was just so slow!  So today I decided to have a look at see how I got to where I am today, the best way to understand the future is to understand the past.

I didn’t go swimming at all this year until March 28th.
In April I swam 6 times,

all after the 16th of April, so I guess I can say that is when my season started. I was worried about the Woogsprint Triathlon at the end of May, so wanted to get some swim fitness going. Continue reading “Swimming – review of my swimming 2016”