About me

Hi there, I am Richard Rae. I am a British hobby triathlete and a Scientist working in Cancer Immunotherapy for the company TRON in Mainz, Germany

I have been cycling as a summer hobby since about 2008, but since 2013 I have started taking things a bit more seriously.  I moved to Germany late in 2010 from London and was unfit and weighing 106kg. Now I am usually around 80kg and looking to complete my 2nd long distance triathlon – goal time sub 10h, as well as chipping away at my Marathon PB too.

PBs: 5km 17:07 2016 Firmenlauf (could be a little short)
10km 36:21 2016 Groß-Gerau Frühjahreslauf
HM 1:18:56 2016 Frankfurt Half Marathon
Marathon 2016 Berlin 2:55:16

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