Zell Sprint Duathlon

I hadn’t planned on doing Zell, as it is a team sprint and as I may have mentioned before, my swimming isn’t that good. ¬†It turned out though that the 2nd team didn’t have enough people to make a team without me, and due to high water levels in the Mosel, it was changed into being a Duathlon, absolutely perfect for me.

I had done a little online stalking of my team mates, I know Stephan already, he is a great runner and biker, Volker seems like he must be very good, he was in Hawaii and still runs fast, then there was Marco, who ran a 4h+ marathon in Mainz, it seemed like he might be out limiting factor. ¬†We met up in Mombach at 8am and headed to Zell, which is about an hours drive away. ¬†Heiko was with us and was racing in the 1st team, that race started much earlier, hence the early start. ¬†We were there at 9am and it was pretty clear why we wouldn’t be swimming, the current was crazy! ¬†I reckon you could float 750m in about 12 minutes in that stream!

We had a little chat about our tactics when we were all there, I suggested that we run our first 2.6km at 10km race pace, then ride like crazy and run the 2nd 5,2km run as fast as we can, whilst staying together. ¬†Marco said that he thought 4:30/km would be ok for him, so that was out plan. ¬†We watched the Regionalliga and saw that Konrad was doing great and the others were giving their all too, our race started at 11:55 with a mass start. ¬†We started at a good pace, but not over doing it, we were just over 4:00/km and Marco seemed ok, so we held about 4:05/km for the 2,6km. ¬†We weren’t first place, but we were far from last too, so it was ok.







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Wallertheim 10km 2016 – 2nd Place

On Thursday when I went for a run, my knee started hurting a few km from the end. ¬†It was pretty painful, but went away after a few minutes. ¬†On Friday I ran to work, and it happened again, and again when I ran home, not ideal and I considered having a few days off running to let it heal. ¬†Wallertheim 10k isn’t the most important race of the year for me, so I could run it or not, no problem. ¬†I did worry that if I didn’t run, the fast guys wouldn’t turn up and I would miss my chance to win the race. ¬†Then on Friday evening Jochen said that he would run too, so it was decided, I would run.

On Saturday morning Jochen wrote again, he wouldn’t run, he drank too much on Friday night, so I thought I would just cycle, I got ready to ride, then saw another message, Jochen would run after all, but he would drive to the start, so I put my running stuff in my bag, and cycled to Wallertheim. Continue reading “Wallertheim 10km 2016 – 2nd Place”

Regionalliga – Woogsprint Triathlon

This is what I have been dreading for a long time, my first Regionalliga race, a higher league that the ones I did last year, and what is worse is that it is a ITU style race, i.e. it is draft legal and it is a dry start, with us diving into the water. ¬†The draft legal bit is bad for me, as it means that I, as a bad swimmer, will be behind the main groups riding alone, whereas they can ride easily and quickly in a group. ¬†The diving in start was also a bit worrying, my goggle never seem to stay in place when I dive in! ¬†It isn’t the biggest problem in the world, but a worry nonetheless.

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