Ebersheim Adventslauf 2016

I haven’t been running that much recently. I mean I am still running 50-70km per week, but I didn’t expect to be on top form for the Ebersheim Adventslauf. Ebersheim is really close to where I live. I have raced there 3 times. In 2014 I was very happy with 4th place. In 2015 I was 2nd but a little disappointed.  This year I just wanted a form check really.

Jochen wanted to race the Adventslauf too, so he picked me up and we got to the race nice and early. I signed in and was going short/long, so short shorts, but a long sleeve top.  We ran a little 2.5km loop as warm up and my hand were cold, so I put on gloves too.

Ebersheim Adventslauf

I had seen that 2 faster guys were there (Felix and AN other both from Team Gasser). They are not that much faster than me but usually a bit faster.  A few others would be there or there abouts, but I was thinking that I should be good for the top 3.  We set off and after a few hundred metres were running slightly uphill against a strong wind.

I tucked into the lead group of 6, Jochen was there too and the faster guys.  The pace felt comfortable, but I didn’t want to be in the wind, so I bided my time.  Continue reading “Ebersheim Adventslauf 2016”