2017 Sporting Goals

I realised yesterday that I hadn’t set my goals for 2017.  They are tough to set, but it is nice to tick off a goal after a good race. Here are my goals, lets see how I get on this year.

5km – I will probably only run 1 – the firmenlauf – so a new PB would be the goal (assuming the same course) – FAILED by 2 seconds

10km – sub36. I think, and have said a few times, I am 2kg away from a PB at the moment. I think if I lose 2kg (so weigh 77kg or less) I could break 36mins for 10km, which would be great! FAILED by 25 seconds

HM – realistically without training for a marathon, breaking 1:20 again is my goal. A new PB might be possible, but will be tough, Frankfurt HM in 2016 was a great race for me. FAILED by 1 minute

Marathon – not to run one! SUCCESS!

Swimming – I swam 29:15 or so for a 1500m TT in the pool in November. I would like to get that down to 26mins or so. In a wetsuit legal sprint tri, I would like to do a sub12 min swim.  Just swimming more is a first goal for me, if I could swim 250km this year, it would be a success. SUCCESS

Cycling – I can’t set a goal time for LBL, as it will be too dependent on other people.  10h would be tough but with other people I think 11h is realistic.  My goal is to break 30 mins for the sprint tri cycle in Merzig, I did 31:41 2 years ago and 1:03:47 for the olympic. I did 1:08 in the Wörrstadt TT in 2015, sub 1:06 is the goal in 2017. Partial SUCCESS

Triathlon – a top 10 in a 2. Landesliga race would be pretty good, and quite achievable too I think. SUCCESS

Roth – here are the splits: Swimming 1:10, Cycling: 5:05, Running 3:40 – total 9:55! EXCEEDED

Win a race! SUCCESS x2

All round – a great year!