Cagliari Short Break – February 2016

This is my first blog post about a holiday, I mentioned to Katja that I would like to write something about our trips, so that I remember the details, much like I do with my races nowadays. So here it goes:

We decided to go to Cagliari as Ryanair fly there from Hahn for 19,99€ each way.  We wanted somewhere a bit warmer than Mainz in February, and the warmest cheap place was Cagliari!  I had planned to book for my birthday, but Katja had an exam on the 15th, so we moved it back 1 week to the 19th until the 22nd.

I found an airbnb apartment that was 103€ for 3 nights, a whole apartment in the middle of town, it has a kitchen too, so we could eat breakfast at home, then head out, ideal.  The bus to Hahn was going to be annoying as it is 27€ return, and takes ages, but luckily we found a Blablacar for 4€ going from Mainz-Hechtsheim to, so that worked out perfectly too!  They actually turned out to be coming back on the same flight as us to, so we arranged the travel back at the same time! Continue reading “Cagliari Short Break – February 2016”

Groß-Gerau 10km Frühjahrslauf

So just like last year, I had an early February 10k planned to see how my training has been going.  Since the last 10k I did 3 weeks ago I have been trying to lose weight.  I have managed to lose 1.5-2kg in the last 3 weeks, not extreme but not bad either.  I have been piling in the mileage too, so I was hoping to set a nice big PB today.

A look on the sign-up list online showed that TCEC had 3 male runners taking part, Bastian Schäfer, who I know is fast, Sebastian Dahl, who I know is fast, and me!  I got the train to Groß-Gerau and promptly got lost on my way from the station to the start.  It ended up taking me 40 minutes to get there, and when I did I found that there was no changing area, and one Portaloo for everyone!  I did a little warm up and got to the start line, where I saw Konrad another TCEC guy, who I know is really fast, I was worried I not even make the TCEC top 3!

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