Shoe Review – New Balance 1080v6

After trying out the Zantes and liking them for shorter and faster runs, I thought it made sense to go for the bigger brother model for longer and slower runs.  The New Balance 1080v8 has the same Fresh Foam sole as the Zantes, but is a far more considerable shoe.

Heavyweight shoes
Just over 300g – heavy!

At more than 300g I expect a good bit of cushioning, which in comparison to the Zantes or Brooks T7 racers, they do offer, but in comparison to my Skechers Go Run Ultras, they don’t have.  There is a little spring still in the step though, maybe due to a little less cushioning. Continue reading “Shoe Review – New Balance 1080v6”

Shoe Review – New Balance Zante-v1

New Balance Zante v1, what to say. Well I bought them online from New Balance at the really good price of 61€. posters write about the Zantes a lot, so I thought I would give them a whirl!

First thing to say it that the outer is great, it is like a sock, there isn’t anything that could rub and blister. So unsurprisingly when running they don’t rub and blister!

I bought them in a size 43, even though I am often a 42.5, as I always worry that my feet are wide and need more space.  The 43s are about right for me. The shape of the Zante is really good, I mean it actually fits human feet!

The New Balance Zante weigh in
250g, not that light

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Shoe Review – Brooks T7 Racer

The Brooks T7 Racer, what to say? I was in town last year at around Christmas when we went into Runners Point. It’s a running shop that is all over the place in Germany.  Usually they sell everything at RRP, so you don’t get anything for less than 120€.  That’s more than I generally pay for shoes, but on this occasion I saw they had a pair of Brooks T7 Racers for only 50€!

I tried them on, now usually I wear a EU42.5, so I asked for the 42.5. I couldn’t get them on my feet. The 43 was also too small, but the 44 seemed about right. It was still definitely not too big, maybe even a little snug!  I bought them and was pretty happy with my new lightweight race shoes.

The Brooks T7 Racer weigh in
Under 200g, that is light!

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Lindenseelauf part 2 – 15km run 2016

I did the Lindenseelauf 15km in 2015 back when I was on the Jack Daniel’s plan and feeling really good. Things are a little different at the moment (see my health).  I finished taking my antibiotics the evening before the race, and my haemoglobin is probably not quite back to 100%, though it is much better than it has been.

I went into the race worried that I wouldn’t manage 1 hour for 15km, I had no idea though, maybe I would be back on form? So I got to the race and had to quickly sign in and get changed.  It is part of a 3 race series, and though last time I didn’t do that well, I was still 2nd in my age group.  I thought that as long as I do an okay run, I should still be in with a chance of a podium position in the age group. Continue reading “Lindenseelauf part 2 – 15km run 2016”

Machachek Radbiometrie for Triathlon

I have heard a lot of times that getting a Radbiometrie is well worth while. The watts/€ metric always seems to point to a good bike fit being worth much more than deep rim wheels, and aerohelmet or a better bike.

I have always held back from getting a fitting done. I mean it costs 159€ so that someone moves your saddle a bit up/down and a makes a few other changes! This season though, I have had the feeling that I haven’t been able to put out my wattage very well on my TT bike, compared to my road bike. Continue reading “Machachek Radbiometrie for Triathlon”

Shoe Review – Skechers Go Run Ultra

I thought I could start to write a few shoe reviews. I have started testing out different shoes nowadays in the hunt for the perfect pair.
The best place for me to start, is with my favorite and most often used pair of runners, the Skechers Go Run Ultra.

Skechers Go Run Ultra Unboxing

Now I know, Skechers aren’t seen as the most serious of running brands. They are often mocked on Letsrun and seen as shoes for people who don’t run. The performance line is actually pretty good though.  I won my first pair of Skechers Go Run Ultra in 2015 in a Skechers facebook competition and since then have bought at least 3 pairs of the ‘normal’ and 2 pairs of the road versions. Continue reading “Shoe Review – Skechers Go Run Ultra”