Shoe Review – Skechers Go Run Ultra

I thought I could start to write a few shoe reviews. I have started testing out different shoes nowadays in the hunt for the perfect pair.
The best place for me to start, is with my favorite and most often used pair of runners, the Skechers Go Run Ultra.

Skechers Go Run Ultra Unboxing

Now I know, Skechers aren’t seen as the most serious of running brands. They are often mocked on Letsrun and seen as shoes for people who don’t run. The performance line is actually pretty good though.  I won my first pair of Skechers Go Run Ultra in 2015 in a Skechers facebook competition and since then have bought at least 3 pairs of the ‘normal’ and 2 pairs of the road versions. Continue reading “Shoe Review – Skechers Go Run Ultra”