Midweek update

I’m bored at work, so here is a midweek update.

On Monday I wasn’t feeling it much, I was hungry after work, but as Quatchy was already at the gym, I kind of had to go in too! I was happy I did though, I did 1 hour on the spinning bike, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but I found the 25 minutes moderate difficulty followed by 5 minutes easy not too bad.
To keep the marathon training ticking over I did an easy 5km on the treadmill at 11kmh without any incline. I think that if I hit my 3 workouts (1km intervals, hilly intervals and long run) every week, I will only do really easy runs outside of those.

On Tuesday I was more motivated and went straight to the gym and went for the 7x1km intervals. It was done exactly as I planned, 15km/h for the 1km interval, 8km/h for 250m as a rest. The first few were easy, the last ones were quite tough, but manageable. I had to rush to get home, eat and leave the house to go swimming. Swimming was pretty good too. I tried to use my legs more consistently and really reach out with my hands. I was generally doing 50m sets with a short rest. I was seeing some 48 second 50m lengths in the middle, with one 47 seconds. It started fading off towards the end though, so I think the 1.7km was enough for the day.

The plan for the rest of the week looks similar to what wrote last time, today: run outside easy. Thursday hilly treadmill intervals w/strength esp swimming muscles. Friday Cycle and leg strength. Saturday – At least swim, possibly add in a outdoor cycle. Sunday – long run 30km or so.

Lets see how this week goes and maybe change things around for a better fit next week.

The diet is going well. On Monday I ate a few chocolates and a bit of cake at work, otherwise I haven’t eaten badly at all.

(note to self: I need to take the 19:16 Straßenbahn to the Pool and either the 20:58, or 21:28 bus back home, getting in at 21:38 or 22:08)