Things I might buy for Köln226

I can’t really do a midweek update, as that would just be a review of one easy run so far, so I will write about what has been on my mind.

In order to get the best time possible, I will need a few things before doing Köln226 in September. I will put them in groups: “Essential”, “Would be nice” and “a luxury”:

So number 1, essential, a Trisuit. Luckily I have already ordered one from TCEC, it should get here in spring. It will be especially helpful for the shorter races, but I need one for the long distance too.

Number 2: A Triathlon Bike. I have my 2 road bikes, and they could be used if necessary, but Köln is a flat course and the angles of the bikes aren’t optimal to let me run after the 180km cycle. A tri-bike is essential, but which one? Well a Cervelo seems to be the obvious choice.

Something like that would be ideal. The problem is that it costs 2900€ new. I will sell my other road bike, I have no space for 3, but that will only get me 500€. I don’t think I can justify 2500€ on a triathlon bike. I will keep my eyes open for a good second hand one, otherwise I will have to settle for something else.

Number 3: An aero-helmet, that is between “essential” and “would be nice”. They aren’t crazy expensive, I have seen a decent looking lid, the Casco SPEEDster, for 150€, or a Bell Javelin like this one
I will almost certainly get one before Köln, I just have to decide which one.

Number 4: Aero-wheels. Zipps seem like they will be too expensive. RS81 C50s look like a good option for 700€ or so.

I will keep my eyes open for PlanetX offers, or I might go for a Chinese set of wheels for about 500€. Aero-wheels would definitely be “nice to have”

Number 5: A power-meter. Stages would do, the new 4iii would also be good.

I could imagine getting a Powertap too, but that could interfere with my aero-wheel selection. One idea would be to get a powertap and a carbon clip-on disc for the rear wheel. I think a power meter would be a luxury for me, it’d be great to know that I am not over-biking, as I am sure that the marathon will be hard enough anyway, but with all of the above to buy, I don’t know if I will manage it.

The dream is to find an eBay triathlon bike with aerowheels for just over a grand, then I could get a crank based power meter like a stages power meter and a decent aero lid and I will be good to go. Importantly, I don’t really need any of this stuff until Köln. I would want some training time with it, and it would be nice to have for a middle distance, but for Wiesbaden it isn’t so important with it being hilly.

As long as I have a trisuit and a triathlon bike, it will be ok. Maybe the rest is all just to look more professional than I really am… I guess it would cost thousands to save maybe 5 minutes.. hmmm