Start of week 9

I wish I could say that this week will be a return to unbroken training, but I need to go back to England for my Nana’s funeral. I fly on Friday evening and come back a week on Wednesday.

I will try to front load the week to get everything in. Tomorrow run before work, Swim in the evening. Tuesday 7x1km, maybe outdoors, it’d be good to do them with others. Wednesday, run before work and cycle after work. Thursday I need to get my long run done, I put 35km for Jantastic, so I will do 35km! I will see on Friday how everything goes, I have lots of work to do, but might be able to get out for a rare lunch break run.

Saturday: if I manage anything I’ll be happy, a swim on Saturday or Sunday should be doable, with a run on the other day.

It won’t be impressive but I am ticking over. My running volume isn’t high enough, but the key workouts are all there. Frankfurt half is fast approaching and I’ll be amazed if I don’t PB, I expect sub 1:24 really.

I will try to get in a midweek update as most of my stuff will be in the first half of the week.

Have a good one!!