Start of week 11

I have a bit of muscle ache after yesterday’s half marathon, so that will effect my training plan for this week. It’d be nice if I could actually get all of my planned training done this week, instead of being ill, travelling or some other quasi excuse.

I think tonight I will go for a little cycle ride, maybe 50km or so, just to get the legs moving and hopefully loosen things up too. Tomorrow I want to run before work, then after work I will swim. Wednesday will be the first real run of the week, I’ll do my intervals, 7x1km as always, I’d like to do them outside if possible.
Thursday another before work run, and after work cycle would be ideal, then friday I will do a longer run with some at marathon tempo.

Saturday will be swimming and cycling, then Sunday maybe cycling and running. That would be a good week! Lets see what comes out in the wash!