End of (where are we now?) week 15

I didn't write last week, poor from me, but I was in Hamburg and had quite a bit on at work. I'll try to remember what I was up to!

First: this week. It's been a really good one (for cycling and running!). My plantar fasciitis was a bit painful at the start of the week, but now I can hardly feel it, so that's pretty good. On Monday I decided to do a hilly treadmill interval run so that I wouldn't further injure my feet. It went well, I even sped up to 12km/h for the last intervals, which I'd never done before. I did a bit of strength work before that, all good.
Tuesday I went to the gym again, this time I ran 20+ minutes very easy, then did 25 mins hard on the elliptical. I didn't even know that the elliptical could be hard, but my heart was up in the 160s, so that counts as hard! Again I did some strength work.
On Wednesday I was feeling a bit lazy and the weather outside was awful, so I cycled on the trainer for about an hour (a bit less due to trying to fix the trainer!) it wasn't hard riding or anything specific, just better than a day completely off.
Thursday I did proper 1km intervals on the treadmill at the gym. I cleverly decided to do them in the evening after eating dinner, so I managed 2km, then a toilet break, then 2km then a toilet break then 1.5km and a final toilet break before giving up and going home! Again I had done some strength work beforehand…

Good Friday is a bank holiday, so I met up with a bunch of TCEC guys and went to ride some hill repeats. We decided to do 2×2 climbs with a loop between, but that became 2×3 climbs. I started off a bit too fast, getting to the top in 1st place on the first climb, even though I felt like I was holding back. 2nd climb was 6 seconds slower, and I was 2nd place, then it got worse and worse. I was always 3rd for the other climbs, so it wasn't a nightmare, but I lost 30+ seconds per climb (3:20-3:54) from the first to the last few. I think I went too hard and lack muscular endurance on the bike.. it'll come when I get the miles up in spring/summer.

See the race report for yesterday. It was a great confirmation race before Bonn in 2 weeks.

Today I cycled 114km with Jochen and Dimi. I was a bit peeved to start with when they were giving it everything on the flat and every bump, I just wanted to go easy as my legs weren't feeling 100%. in Hausen they went off ahead on the 6km long hill, but soon enough the gap plateaued and I started to catch them near the top. I got back to Dimi and was about 10m behind Jochen. As the day went on they seemed to be running out of gas, and I was feeling better and better until I was having no issues staying with them on the way home. It ended up being a good ride.

Running 42km (744.1km YTD)
Cycling 216km (1299km YTD)
Swimming 0km (28.25km YTD I am an idiot)