The Road to Roth – Week 15 – Le Tour de France

Last week was a good one and I already feel much better than after my last long run and ride, but this week should be when my tapering really gets going, after all I did 15h last week!

I don’t have anything longer than 2h planned this week and that is an easy ride on Sunday. Otherwise I just want to swim 3 times and get some regular short runs in.


Gave gas and cycled to swim training. The coach didn’t seem in the mood for much chat, so we did our 400m warm up, then 6x50m kicking, 10x50m kicking with flippers, 100m easy, then a 50, 100, 150, 200, 400, 200, 150, 100, 50 arms pyramid. Our hour was up after than, 2700m. Cycled home.


A noticeable taper day. I just ran 45mins at 4:37/km pace. It was an easy one.


I had a little brick planned.  I rode the mountain bike for 45mins, then ran for 15mins.  Nothing spectacular, I felt good though.


Another ‘normal’ swim day, with a twist.  I had left my bag in Stephan’s van at the weekend before cycling back from Worms, after a bit of a mix up I had arranged to pick it up from him on Thursday.  I also had to print some photos beforehand, so I was busy cycling around doing chores, before swimming.

The lane was full and cold!  I only managed 58 minutes or so, but it was ok.  We did some strange 1 flipper swimming, the session was probably 2600m in total.


I ran after work on Friday. My legs felt great. I wore my Tri-shorts that I will use in Roth, they were comfy and fit well.  Again, I had to slow myself down, but still ran 12.5km at 4:35/km pace, with a very low mid 130s HR.


I went to Düsseldorf to watch the Tour de France 1st stage.  I had dreams of swimming or running, but I had to leave the house at 9:30am and I got home at 22:30, so it was a rest day, but a good day out anyway!


After sleeping a lot, I went for a cycle in a break in the weather. It has been raining lots this week.  I still got rained on, but given how the clouds looked, I was pretty lucky.  I rode a little 1h45 tour but my pace and effort were fine, I really gave it some going up some of the shorter hills.  It was gusty wind though, my front wheel was getting blown around pretty badly!

Later on I went for an easy 1h run.  It was actually 58mins, but whatever.  With a sub 130 average HR, it was a very easy one!


So that was it, I had 11h in the original plan, but only did 10h in the end due to the Tour de France on Saturday.  I’m feeling good though, I just need to watch what I eat.  I am worrying a little about the logistics of Roth without a car, it looks like it could be a bit stressy waiting for buses and trains.  I know at least 15 people who are also racing (all TCEClers), so I can ask for a lift, but I am hesitant to be ‘that guy’ who always needs help.  We’ll see.