End of week 24 – Easier week before Wasserstadt

This can be a shorter post, as I finally managed to fit in an easier week of training!  I had done a big month for me in May, so this was a perfect chance to rest up before my half distance on Sunday.

Monday – I did nothing!  My first full rest day in a long while!
Tuesday – I went for a 2.5km swim.  I wore my wetsuit and noticed a 12 second per 100m improvement over non-wetsuit swimming!  It was crazy fast, but I didn't want to overdo it and my shoulders were tiring so I only did 2.5km.  The water was so cold I was glad of having the wetsuit!

Wednesday I ran after work and managed to lose my spare key that i take with me for running.  The run itself was good at 4:37/km, but I wasn't too happy to have lost my key 🙁  I went out to find it on my mountain bike, but couldn't.  It was 13km run increasing speed as I went.

Thursday – I ran most of the same loop as on Wednesday and managed to find my key!  The run was pretty average, plenty of stomach problems, but I was happy to get the key back!  10.7km at 4:54/km.

Friday I swam after work.  It was really hot, and the day after a bank holiday, so the pool was jammed, so I did 1.7km.  I just wanted to keep my feel for the water, job done.

Saturday I just rode my TT bike to the bank to get cash out.  I hadn't ridden it all week and wanted to make sure everything was ok.  It seemed to be fine!  No training though.
Sunday – Wasserstadt Triathlon!

Running: 44.8km (1107.7m YTD)
Cycling: 118.6km (3934.7 YTD)
Swimming: 6.1km (68.05km YTD)

This week I will get back on it.  I had Monday as a rest day, but want to get back to 300km+ cycling weeks, but with intervals included.  Running is still on the back burner, so 40km+ per week is enough and swimming at least 3 days a week, I want to start increasing the amount per session too, to over 3km and soon to 3.5km or more on occasion.

Next up is part 2 of the Wingertscup series on Saturday in Wallertheim, a flat 10k race, lets see how much run fitness I have lost!  I predict about a 38min run, slower than 39 would be bad, faster than 38 good.