The Road to Roth – Project 2017 – Week 1

The plan I set out last week in my project 2017 post pretty much worked out.  Here is the quick review:


1h cycling to and from the pool, 1h15 swimming, felt good and fast swimming behind Pascal for most of the early stuff, then taking the lead at the end.


1h run, I was supposed to do 2×4.5m fast, but my calf was still sore from the 10k race on Sunday, so I kept it easy. Pace was good and HR under control.


After not finding my ANT+ stick, I eventually connected my phone to the trainer and did 45m of cycling sweet spot intervals (20m at sweet spot) before running 30 minutes (Brick). Run felt good again.  The bike intervals here are to replace the once prescribed for thursday.


1h cycling to and from the pool again. 85 minutes of swimming. The big news is that after 1400m or so we did a 1km TT. My time was 17:23 with the first half in 8:50 and the 2nd in 8:33 (apparently, my GPS is in Finland so I can’t confirm).  I am very happy with that time. I think we swam 3400m total, not sure.

400 in, 8×50, 6×100, 1000m, 300 easy, 2x300m flippers, 100m out.


I had arranged to buy a mountain bike in Klein Wintersheim, so I ran 1h there and rode home.


Quite early for me, I set off to cycle 30mins on the MTB. It was fun, I tried to hit the hills, but it is definitely easier than on the trainer.  I bricked it with a 1h15 run. My stomach was not happy during this one, I did my 2km run, 45s walk plan, and ran 15.2km.

Later on I went to Taubertsbergbad to swim. There was the normal 400m warm up, then just did lots of 25m intervals using the ankle bands. I also did some 100s using the snorkel and a few intervals with the pull buoy.  I am trying to do occasional flip turns, so practiced a few of those too. My watch is in Finland, so I guess I did 2200m in 50 minutes.


On top of Feldberg

I met up with the TCEC lads for a ride for the first time. Jochen was also there. We did a Feldberg loop, which was good, but we spent lots of time waiting at lights!  There were some tough parts where people attacked, but it was interesting too, even if the average speed wasn’t high (25km/h) it was quite a tough ride 4h10 Bike.  As soon as I got home, I ran for 30 minutes.  I ran too fast, and it felt tough and I was tired, but I did it and that was it for week 1!

My end of the week weigh in was 78.8kg, down about 700g.

Next week should be similar, but if I run in the Polderlauf on Saturday, I will have to jumble some stuff up to get everything in.