The Road to Roth – Project 2017 – Week 2

So after a good week 1, week 2 on the Road to Roth started.


A pretty normal one, cycled to swimming on the mountain bike, by way of work due to an alarm, then swam about 3k, then cycled home. I am feeling strong in the pool, even my other strokes are getting better!


Just a 1h run after work. There were 2x6m fast, a bit unorganised, but did the time. It was 13.2km, quite fast.


I had a bike accident on the way to work and hurt my thigh , knee and elbow. I was struggling a little to walk up and down stairs, so I guessed that running would be tough. I decided to replace me 45m bike + 30 mins brick run with a 1h15 trainer session on the bike. Even though it was sweetspot work, it felt tough. 3x10m at very close to threshold with 2x10m tempo.


Cycled to the pool and swam, like normal. My knee was hurting when I was swimming backstroke and my arm wasn’t great either. I called it a day after 1h20 as doing more backstroke was really hurting a lot.


My first run since the crash. I was pretty close to turning back after 500m due to the knee pain, but I continued on and ran my 1h, without any z4 work.  It was uncomfortable but manageable, my shoulder was especially sore afterwards.


Katja and me went into town quite early, so I swam first, about 50 minutes with some drills.  I then went home and cycled my mountain bike for 30 minutes, then did a brick for 1h15.  My knee was hurting when I ran, and especially when I was going into my breaks. I managed the run anyway, even if it wasn’t very fast.  I had to stop after 1h18 for the normal reasons!


With no group rides planned, I rode a bit later in the day. I had planned to ride 4h, so I went for a Rheinhessen loop.  I got a bit lost/ rode where I had never been before, but it was pretty good really.  It was warm and not very windy. I rode for 4h20 but was getting tired at the end, even if my pace wasn’t really falling.

Bottom der Welt

After having knee pain yesterday and on Friday whilst running, I decided against the Brick, so that was it for the day.

All in all it was an ok week on the Road to Roth. Far more painful that I am used to, but I managed pretty much everything I had in the plan, except for the Polderlauf, which would have been pointless after my crash.

14h36 total training time