Nike Pegasus Zoom 34

Nike Pegasus Zoom 34

I got me a pair of Nike Pegasus Zoom 34s before Christmas in a sale from for 58€. They aren’t the nicest colour in the world, kind of sky blue with some red, but that’s not the most important thing in the world to me.

The weigh in
nearly 300g, not light

New to Nikes

I had never run in Nike shoes before, but as soon as I put these bad boys on, I knew that I had been missing out. They fit alot like my New Balance Boracays, which I also like a lot.  There isn’t much to the upper, which is a good thing, there is less that can rub and blister your feet.

Just good all round shoes

They have a fair amount of grip, unlike the Boracays or (spoilers) the Zoom Flys. The laces just work, the heel is comfy and the toe box seems just about right to me too. One very small issue I have is that the laces can kind of dig into your foot through the tongue if you tie them too tight, but if they are a little looser, it’s no problem.

Today whilst running home, I thought about my Pegasus Zoom 34s as I had them on. I just don’t really notice that I am wearing them!  They are just there, for a short intervals run, or a long run, it doesn’t really matter, they just work. I have 300km in these shoes, and the sole looks as good as new. I reckon I will get at least 800km out of this pair, and then I’ll get another pair unless they ruin them in the next version.

Dirty Mothers

The only problem I have had with the Nikes are:

dirty shoes

yes, they are pretty tough to keep clean!  I rarely ever wash my running shoes, but I have done already with these though they got massively dirty very quickly again afterwards.  I guess this is nearly completely colour dependent, but so that you know, these not very attractive when clean shoes, start to look dreadful when they get muddy.

So all in all, I recommend the Pegasus, the big 11mm drop isn’t noticeable, if you can get them on the cheap, they can be your everyday runner.