End of week 10

Well it wasn't a great week, but it was a great week!
I was at home and suffering from allergies from Monday to Wednesday, that was on top of a cold, so training wise it wasn't a great week.

I ran on Tuesday, a sore lunged 10k at home. On Wednesday I ran 11.6km back in Germany, also not great, even though the lungs felt a bit better. Thursday I went to the gym after work to try my 7x1km intervals, but between the intervals I was having so strong muscle ache in my abs, that I was almost keeled over in pain. After 3 fast kms, I decided it wasn't worth it so went home. I had done some strength work before the short 5km run.

On Friday I ran nice and slow before work, still not feeling good I ran 9km.

Finally on Saturday there were signs of life, I went for a 50km bike ride as the weather was lovely (after winter lovely, not actual lovely!) I managed about 29km/h average and was giving it some on the hills, it was great fun, I was really happy when I got home.

Then today, Frankfurt half marathon day! Even after 2 bad weeks of training, it is still there. A big PB and a 2015 goal reached.

Running 56km (518.3km YTD)
Cycling 50km (797km YTD)
Swimming 0.0km oops (22,75km YTD)

Start of week 10, Frankfurt half week!

This week is all about Frankfurt half marathon for me. My hm PB is 1:27:35 but my recent 10k times suggest a 1:23:00 half could be on! 1:25 is a minimum for me, otherwise something has gone badly wrong!

On Monday I was at my Nana’s funeral, so had a day off. On Tuesday I will run slow and with sore lungs no doubt! At least 10km. I will double up 2 of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and cycle on Saturday, maybe an easy 100km

I might do a week recap and a race report on Sunday, at the moment I am just worried about being ill on Sunday, but I am rarely ill for so long, so it’s probably a non-issue, fingers crossed!