Sub-18 minute 5km Time Trial – Goal Achieved and 2015 Goals Checklist

I had set myself the goal of running a sub-18 minute 5km this year, but I only ran one 5km, and that was 4 days after my Ironman and over a 5,2km course, both making a sub-18 somewhat unlikely!

Given that I am in good shape and got through Christmas without illness or allergy induced bad lungs, I fancied giving it a go by myself as a time trial at the local track.  I mentioned in my last post that it isn’t an easy goal for me, it’s certainly much faster than a tempo run.  It was windy today, which didn’t help, but it was also cold and the track was completely empty, especially as the gates were locked so I had to jump then to get in 🙂

I had made myself a little playlist to help keep me going and I set off and was immediately ahead of pace.  The first lap was 4 seconds fast, and soon I had a 8-9 second lead on my goal pace.  I was starting to feel the pace after 2km, but given my lead I decided to just keep a solid tempo, instead of pushing as hard as possible, so that I could keep my effort in check and get to the end in 1 piece.

The last 1600m or so weren’t too bad given that I was ahead, so I could keep going and knew that a race ending acceleration wasn’t necessary.  I think I had 3:48 or so in hand with 1 km to go, and got over the line in just under 17:52.  It was certainly a hard effort but I wasn’t dead on my feet either, I would fancy myself knocking a bit off that time in a race.  I did what I had to though and was happy to get achieve my final goal of the year.

Goals for 2015:
Get down to 75kg
18 minute 5km
38 minute 10km
1:25 half marathon
Get a good for age London 2016 entry
Run 2,500km in 2015
Cycle 10,000km in 2015
Improve my swimming (not hard!)

So I managed all bar 2.  I might have managed the 10,000km but didn’t even want to see a bike again after Köln!  My weight is always an issue for me.  I think 75kg is still a good goal to have, but I don’t know if and when I will manage it.  My Köln goal was sub11, which I didn’t manage, but I still think that the bike course being 6km long gives me a pass on the 11:08, so that is kind of goal achieved :/

I will have a little think and change my profile to give myself some 2016 goals.  They won’t be written in stone, but hopefully manageable goals given a good season of training.

It was a big sporting year for me, I learned a lot and think I am in better shape going into the new year than ever before.  I don’t think I will ever document my training on the blog like I did this year for the Iron distance, but I will keep doing race reports as I like reading them back later!  So watch out for some 10km races in January and February, and hopefully some shiney new PBs!