The Road to Roth 2017 РWeek 8 РWörrstadt TT

I will start by saying, I am not going to try to get back the 1.5h I missed last week. They are gone now and I am back on plan.  I have 17.5h planned this week, that is more than enough without add ons.


76.6kg – Cycled to swimming and swam for 70 mins. It was crazily full for some reason. People don’t do the full 400m warm-up so I actually had to start at the very back and work my way through the 15 person lane throughout the session.¬† It wasn’t a tough swimming day, there was too much traffic for that.¬† Cycled home after.


Calves were still sore, but maybe a little better. 77,4kg.¬† I didn’t fancy running on bad legs, so I cycled on the TT bike.¬† I rode for 90 minutes covering 48km. ¬†My legs felt so weak at the start, when I got to Schwabsburg I expected to see and average speed of 27km/h or so, but it was 32km/h, so not too bad.¬† I felt better on the way home, I think the legs were getting looser.


77.0kg, calves still sore but I can and will run on them today.

Straight after work, I headed out on the TT bike. I caught every red light possible, which was pretty annoying. My legs didn’t feel great but I could still push a bit when needed.¬† I had installed my Profile Design FC25 just before setting off. One of the main things for me was being able to have my GPS/power right before my eyes. It was wobbly as hell, but still the positioning is perfect.¬† Cycled 38km in 1h15

I put my bike away, changed my shorts and headed out for a 30m Brick run. My pace was far too fast at 4:25/km, but it felt controlled.  My legs are still sore though.


Still feeling tired and weighing 77kg. After being at CIMT all day, I got home and messed around with my bike for a while. I installed the latex inner tube in the front, and my disc wheel at the back, as well as re-wrapping the bars in a slightly more aero way (I hope).

I was hoping that swimming would be easy, but it wasn’t. We started with plenty of backstroke, that is leg intensive for me.¬† Then after 1600m or so, we did 10x50m at out best pace that we could hold for all reps, about 43-44seconds for me.¬† That was ok, but then we swam a bit easy and he gave us an 8x50m on the same interval as before, but less rest!¬† I was struggling at the end, but survived with only some 45second lengths at the end.


My legs are starting to worry me now. I am tired and only very slowly recovering. The weekend is looking full, so it will either all be done very easily, or it will be painful. I got home after work and ran 1h15 at 4:40/km. It was pretty warm and my right calf was hurting quite a bit, but I got through it ok.  I hope it gets better soon.


I got up and was back down to 76kg, before dropping the big kids off at the pool too! I cycled for 1h30, I’d put a¬†latex inner tube in the front tyre for the W√∂rrstadt TT but I was constantly scared that it would blow out, it isn’t worth it. My¬†actual problems were that I skidded out my back disc wheel when heavily breaking, maybe the brakes are too tight, or because they were new tyres. Anyway my average speed was poo at 30km/h, but my average power was also poo so..

Later I ran/walked for 1h45 in the sun. It was pretty warm but ok. I was hitting an ok pace without pushing it, so I just jogged it round and did 1h45 at 4:51/km average. I didn’t swim, because I didn’t go into town.


I woke up at silly o’clock and ate breakfast, before setting off to W√∂rrstadt for the time trial. I was sweating like a pig on the way there, but got there in good time (22km in 50 minutes). See the W√∂rrstadt TT race review here:

Afterwards I needed to cycle 2h to get to 4h total riding time. I couldn’t ride in aero with my bag on as it was very uncomfortable, but I rode nice and easy for 57km in 2h. I was happy to done at the end, I was pretty thirsty and hungry.

After a sleep and a storm, I got up and went for a 1h run. I needed to run for 1h to get to my 17h30 for the week, so I just took it easy as it was warm and really humid. It was fine and my average speed was 4:50/km for 1h with a low heart rate of 134bpm average.


This week was a slog. Recovery from the Mainz half marathon was a lot tougher than I expected whilst training on. Up until Saturday my legs were feeling dreadful and even today they were feeling less than 100%.  I feel like I am coming around now though, so hopefully after a swim tomorrow, I will be back on form.  My right calf is a bit injured, so intervals could be tough, but I think cycling should be my focus for a while anyway, running a 3h30 in Roth should be easy, if I can cycle well enough.